Explaining Yesterday's Anger, Bob Enyart Gets Angrier

During show preparation yesterday, Bob Enyart asked Doug McBurney if they could hold off till the last segment the Politico article about the Republican Party abandoning pornography as a family policy issue. Time flew however and the guys never got to it. Today, Bob excerpts Politico's astounding observation of (Focus on the Family's) gross dereliction of duty and he discusses the (officially) unrepentant sexual dog known by Christians as "God's man" for America and the devastating consequences of our morally bankrupt leadership.

Post-show Update: You may want to watch Bob confront Hustler pornographer Larry Flynt while both men appeared on ABC's Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. And to clarify the point on today's program, Jerry Falwell sued both Penthouse and Hustler, and it was for the suit against Hustler that the Republican U.S. Supreme Court ruled on behalf of Flynt's "right" to publish a mocking claim that Falwell committed incest with his mother.

Today's resource: Lust- The Gateway Drug to Porn