Enyart: Alex Jones Should Be Taken for Every Dollar He Has

How dare Alex Jones, and his followers, under the guise of Christian discernment, slander the parents of little Noah Pozner and call them liars for having a "supposed son" who "reportedly" died at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Bob Enyart celebrates and is rooting for the lawsuits against Jones and agrees with the Texas attorney Mark Bankston that it is already a victory that Jones has acknolwedged that the parents' son truly died. Bob also especially rebukes the Christians who lose crediblility by repeating any of Jones' paranoid claims including that:
- the Sandy Hook school massacre was a hoax [Jones' paranoid source, "alleged parent", FBI stats, etc.]
- that 9/11 was an inside job
- that the Muslim terrorist Boston & San Bernardino attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine, Aurora theater, Orlando, and Mandalay Bay massacres were false flag or some such conspiratorial operations; and
- that the government bought a billion bullets in 2013 to use against the American public and
- its been pumping compounds into water to turn people and frogs into homosexuals.
Bob warns that by consuming Alex Jones' caustic message, people toy with their own mental health.

* Bob's Answers Questions from an Alex Jones Supporter:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Bob Enyart <bob@kgov.com>
Date: Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 9:18 AM
Subject: Re: Bob Enyart’s Opinion of Alex Jones Opinion
To: D______ Family <******@gmail.com>

Hi Michael, I appreciate that you are defending Jones, a brother in the Lord I can presume, the way that you would defend other believers. A couple quick replies...

On Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 9:07 AM D______ Family <******@gmail.com> wrote:

On what do you base your opinions and claims about Alex Jones?

Before ever condemning him for the cruelty (and utter paranoia and mental illness) of questioning whether the Sandy Hook Massacre ever even happened, I forced myself (though it was a terrible waste of time) to go back and see/hear firsthand his InfoWars welcoming that mentally ill professor on their platform to spew his (schizophrenia-based) claim that no such children were massacred at Sandy Hook.  

Is it FIRSTHAND knowledge of Jones’ statements?

Michael, see above.

Or, is it hearsay from those that hate Jones?

No, I checked this out for myself, and other delusional claims. It's VERY easy, btw Michael, as you know, for a talk host to say the things that he wants to say through the lips of a guest who gets the message across. If you interview mentally ill people and give them a platform to promote their paranoia you are either cruelly using them as pawns, or you yourself struggle with mental illness.

If so, do their accusations include links to Jones actually making the statements they attribute to him? In my research, they usually do NOT.

"Usually", in this context Michael, is irrelevant. 

And beware, while you might celebrate Jones being censored, it could easily happen to you and RSR for your views on the LGBTQ community and other issues where YOUR positions would be deemed hateful.

Michael, on the air we made that point first and foremost. That's why the BEL slogan for three decades has been, Do right and risk the consequences. [See kgov.com/sayings.]

I expand on these questions in my research, but I would be satisfied with you answering those questions in your own mind. Doing research into Alex Jones has been on my agenda for quite a while and your post provided a catalyst and checklist for doing that research.

Thank you,

Michael D.

And thank you Michael.

In Christ,
Bob E.

* Paranoia and Slander: shouldn't be encouraged and defended as free speech. Further, it would be cruel for Facebook, Twitter, etc., to profit from advertising revenue by exploiting the mentally ill who can build enormous audiences with insane claims. Further, Jones violates God's commandments relentlessly as he does almost nothing other than bear false witness against his neighbors.

* His Last Name Might Be Newhart and Not Enyart, But: he pretty much nailed what it's like to be a talk show host...

* The Fall of Medical Marijuana: The "medical" marijuana movement shrinks dramatically in favor of those hypocrites just wantin' to get high. See also kgov.com/pot.

* Italy Trip Closing: Our tourist angency says today is the last day to register for Bob's Bible Tour of Italy. Beyond today, if you decide you'd like to go, you'll have to ask them if they can find a way to include you! Hope so! See rsr.org/italy.