Did You Catch Matt Walsh at the Western Conservative Summit?

Matt Walsh with BEL associate producer Dom Enyart
Matt Walsh; KGOV's Dom Enyart

The Awesome Matt Walsh: He's often a must read and a must listen and this time, he stunned his own audience. Instead of confronting the Democrats and abortionists, Matt Walsh powerfully confronted those in attendance and even his fellow speakers at this month's Western Conservative Summit at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Bob Enyart and his sons Zachary and Dominic were there to hear and talk with the speakers and to help work Colorado Right To Life's booth to abolish abortion.

Program Note: On a future program, we'll discuss the Baptist leader Paige Patterson, who was fired in part because he dismissed the persistent urging of one of his longtime friends and a BEL listener. Tom Healey pleaded with Paige to consider what Jesus taught about NOT forgiving everyone, as documented at kgov.com/forgiveness.