Dear NASA, Water is the Enemy of the Origin of Life

NASA now agrees with Bob that there's no liquid water on Mars, though they had recently claimed otherwise. Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams have fun reporting Creation magazine news blurbs including that NASA has retracted their claim, something Bob brought up in his Stephen Hawking segment last week, and they're now admitting that there's no liquid water on Mars. Meanwhile, something that NASA, Stephen Hawking, and accused harasser Lawrence Krauss have never gotten around to sharing with the public, that water, being the universal solvent, is the enemy of forming the kinds of pre-biotic molecules, like amino acids and polymers, because water ruthlessly dissolves such chemical compounds. Water is essential to maintain life but if life could possibly arise naturally, which it can't, water would be one of the greatest hurdles prohibiting the assembly of thousands of molecules by dissolving them as quickly as they formed. The guys also, courtesy of CMI's Creation magazine, report on two new original biological material fossils, and on Clam National Monument and even more dinosaur bones (and everything else for that matter) being buried in a marine environment.


* Dear NASA, Water is the Enemy of Abiogenesis: Beware the ubiquitous bait-and-switch. Wherever water is found, NASA claims that would be a good place to search for evidence that life may have originated there. Yes, water is needed to maintain life. But as the universal solvent, outside of the controlled environment of a living organism, water relentlessly dissolves the chemical building blocks of life like amino acids, sugars including those of RNA and DNA, as well as all kinds of carbohydrates and countless other polymers. The journal Science stated that "water [is] lethal to the survival of DNA." The same goes for RNA and any fantastical RNA World, as even Stanley Miller, of 1952's Miller-Urey infamy, wrote in PNAS, "Sugars are known to be unstable in strong acid or base [and further] ribose and other sugars have surprisingly short half-lives for decomposition at neutral pH, making it very unlikely that sugars were available as prebiotic reagents." Scientific examination has always readily seen this evident truth. In 1955, the first known investigation into original biological material remaining in fossils, conducted by the Carnegie Institute, stated, "Ultimately in the presence of water these peptide bonds are broken", peptides being two or more amino acids linked in a chain. As foundational compounds of all living organisms, peptides are significant throughout every cell and are vital in most biological processes. Peptides comprise all proteins, most enzymes, various hormones (including unicellular ones), they transport nutrients and are cellular building blocks. And water dissolves them. Enzymes perform and vastly speed up the chemical reactions necessary for life yet water destroys both peptide and non-peptide Ribosome enzymes (which are not made from amino acids but from RNA). Thus NASA, the BBC, ESA, Nova, and science educators like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson, ubiquitously use a bait-and-switch to manipulate their audiences. Whereas molecules like DNA and RNA easily dissolve in water, materialists exploit their audiences' gullibility and ignorance, along with water's known role in sustaining life, to pretend that it is an unquestioned asset for abiogenesis, to form life from the very chemical compounds that it would disassemble. And of course, because life is information-based, even more so than it is carbon-based, abiogenesis is impossible anyway. So, while it helps to maintain existing life, NASA, water is the enemy of "prebiotic" molecules.

* All of Which, NASA, Brings Us To This: Life is the only thing in the cosmos aware of the cosmos' existence. And because life is a part of the cosmos, any proposed history including the "standard model" of big bang cosmology that cannot account for the origin of life is a failed model. Mainstream astronomy, origin-of-life, and cosmology institutions point to the presence of water, ironically, as a primary factor in the origin of life. However, as with hundreds of other materialist chicken and egg problems, water is essential for life but would prevent the origin of life. So, even if abiogenesis were possible, water would be one of its greatest barriers. What this peculiar situation indicates is that the standard model provides no help in explaining our origins. Thus, as Bob Enyart's presentation in Malibu at Pepperdine University demonstrations, there are no secular theories of origins. God exists. They don't.

* NASA's Non-Sequitur: NASA frequently links water, which enables existing life, with life's origins, whether just implied, or more explicitly as they do herehere, here, and here.

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