On the Anti-Semites and Their Lies

* Our National Horror Continues: Hear the reports out of North Carolina of yet another school shooting.

* Trump Right: Bob credits President Trump for calling for the Death Penalty for mass-murders, and credits Trump’s US Attorney in Pennsylvania for pursuing the Death Penalty against the Pittsburg Synagogue Killer.

* Trump Wrong: Listen in as Bob and co-host Doug McBurney rebuke President Trump for funding child killing, and rebuke those around Trump who do not warn him.

* Israeli Ambassador Right: Your hosts heed the advice of Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer in not only condemning anti-Semitism, but in vowing to actively destroy those who practice it.

* Martin Luther Wrong: Bob and Doug also follow the advice of the ambassador in calling out anti-Semitism from our own Christian side.

* The Legacy of the Wrong: Hear how younger Catholics are asking to include homo friendly language in the Catholic Bishops upcoming publications.