The Saved, The Wilde & The Damned

* Pray for the Saints: We remind our listeners of the plight of Pastor Andrew Brunson imprisoned in Turkey for his faith, and of the impending death sentence hanging over Christian Asia Bibi in Pakistan. Pray that their captors repent and that the fury and anger of God be spared from raining down upon their heads as just and eternal punishment for their evil.

* In the Navy: Hear Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney report on this year’s "Association of Trans Bodybuilders" competition, which a Navy “man” has won!

The IPCC Still exists? Despite having been exposed as a complete fraud in 2009, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is still around, and spewing ever more preposterous prognostications, proving that indeed the world, (or at least the U.N.) has truly gone mad!

* Temple of a Dog: A Methodist Church in New York City has defiled itself to a degree that would have the Church’s godly founder John Wesley spinning in his grave! Why modern Methodists would honor homosexual child molester Oscar Wilde with “The Temple of Oscar Wilde” is completely understandable. And the display is just too disgusting to describe in writing here. You’ll have to listen, (and try not to get physically ill...)

* ANTIFA Takes Given Portland: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has handed the city over to anarchists and deviants. Older white men beware.

* Lip-Service to Personhood: RE-publican legislators and pro-abort maniacs continued the annual ritual Kabuki dance upon the heads of innocent murdered children as both sides postured and fund-raised, while the blood of the innocent spilled upon their heads for all eternity.

* An Ambush They Didn’t Deserve: While the recent South Carolina shootout in which one police officer was killed and six wounded appears to have garnered just a collective yawn from a population inured to bloodshed, your host expresses his shock at the massacre and the way the killer was alerted that the police were coming!

* “Experiencing” Typhus: That’s right, typhus! And not in Guatemala, but in downtown Los Angeles where derelicts are allowed to “experience” whatever they want, including “homelessness”, and the vectoring of communicable diseases.

* Google+ Shutting Down: If you had thought Google+ had already shut down years ago, you were incorrect. But now a data breach has caused someone to notice that the app was still running somewhere, and it’s being mercifully turned off.