Peter Heck on BEL

* Indiana Talk Show Host: Peter Heck talks through the issue of regulating child killing with Bob Enyart. Peter and Bob talk through whether it is immoral to put an unrepentant child killer like McCain into authority. While done in a rushed manner, Peter seemed to agree with the overview of Bob's case against the Republican presidential candidate:

-McCain Rejects the Right To Life of the Unborn

-McCain Gives $100s of Millions to Abortionists

-McCain Kills the Tiniest Kids for Research

-McCain Rejects Human Life Amendments

-McCain Promises Judges who Reject RTL

-McCain Doesn't Even Seem to Truly Oppose Roe

-McCain and Palin Refuse to Enforce 14th Amendment

-McCain Funds Surgical Abortions

Yet, Peter still debated whether or not Christians should vote for McCain. Bob talked about God's disgust with human sacrifice and His utter prohibition against child sacrifice and compared McCain to a high priest of Molech authorizing the killing of kids for the same basic reasons as the Old Testament pagans: authorize/fund/kill some kids for the good of society. Please pray for Bob and Peter due to the greater judgment they face in their role as teachers (a.k.a. talk show hosts).

* McDonald's VP Resigns from Homosexual Group: the fast-food giant informs franchisees it will no longer promote homosexual marriage and will remain neutral on the homosexual agenda as defined by the American Family Association. Now that Don Wildmon has called for an end to the Christian boycott of McDonald's, expect the homosexual boycott of the Golden Arches to begin immediately. Who eats more French fries and cheeseburgers: families, or male and female homosexuals?

* Republicans Lead Way on Wild Ride to Socialism: The Bush White House is considering taking ownership in various U.S. banks with Wall Street investors openly hoping the government will begin running private banks. Meanwhile, on the trail, John McCain wants to give homeowners the ability to renegotiate their mortgages based on the lower, current values. Sheesh! We're in the Twilight Zone? Meanwhile further, Chicago's Cook County Sheriff has announced he's suspending evictions. Why not? And finally, Iceland's government (what does it  have to do with anything?) has now taken over the country's largest bank, and now controls all of Iceland's three major banks! By the way, in case you didn't know this: Death to Capitalism means Death to Freedom, and the Re-Publicans are L-E-A-D-I-N-G the way, since they have no moral foundation, and are as susceptible to governmental bloodshed, adultery, and theft temptations as the Democrats.

* Focus II: An organization at the domain name "" doesn't want you to see the groundbreaking DVD, Focus on the Strategy II. You may want to check it out anyway!

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