Real Science Radio & 99 Plots Sold!

* Real Science Radio Pt. ICL: Creation Research Society webmaster Fred Williams and Bob Enyart talk through the fascinating articles in the CRS Quarterly Fall 2007 edition, discussing matters as diverse as the symbiotic nature of lichen, to the steady nature of our Sun's energy output! (Thank God our star does not fluctuate in its output like all the other stars so far discovered.)

* UPDATE- Genius Book of World Records: 99 Plots sold in a day! On yesterday's BEL program, Knight from and Brian Enyart Jr. (Bob's nephew, the son of his brother Brian) took over the studio at the BEL Cabin and made an unauthorized offer, Bob's life's work The Plot, at half-price! Yes, if you call BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, Friday March 7, you can get The Plot, 330-pages, perfect bound with a beautiful glossy cover, for only $25, or 10 Plots for only $200! These pirates (Knight & Brian) sold 50 plots (that's startling) to Bob's live broadcast audience that listens on a single local radio station! And since yesterday, our KGOV audience has purchased another 49!

* California Court Threatens Stability of Union: Dear California homeschool families: on behalf of Denver Bible Church as its pastor, we invite you to consider moving to Colorado and we would welcome you to our state. A California state Court of Appeals has hatefully ruled that virtually all homeschooling in their state is illegal, with an exception for parents who are certified teachers. This anti-Christian ruling cannot be left to stand. If it does, California families should consider quickly moving out of state. In support of the Home School Legal Defense Fund, I urged you to sign their Petition to Request Depublishing of California Court Case In re Rachel L. and to get more information from HSLDF! Please support homeschool freedom in California. Rachel's family was represented by court-appointed attorneys and HSLDA did not become aware of the case until Feb. 28 when the Court of Appeal published their godless ruling. more...

* People who purchased those 99 Plots in the last 24 hours:
Mark, Denver CO
Winnie, Colorado Spgs CO
James, Westminster CO 10 Plots!
Brian, Denver 5 Plots CO!
Vick, Denver CO
Scott, Longmont CO 2 Plots!
Barry, Colorado Spgs CO
Kelvin, Denver CO
Janine, Littleton CO 10 Plots!
Ed, Highlands Ranch CO
Connie, Brighton CO
Eric, Littleton CO
Paul, Colorado Spgs CO
Bill, Longmont CO
Steve, Firestone CO 2 Plots!
Jan, Silverthorne CO 10 Plots!
Doug, Hopkinsville KY 2 Plots!
Karl, St. Joseph MI
Chris, Aurora CO
Danielle, Northglenn CO
Robert, Cashmere WA
Oliver, Erwin NC 2 Plots!
Joe, Noblesville IN
Timothy, Cary IL
Darrell, Goshen IN 10 Plots!
Nicolas, Carmel IN
Michael, Trinity AL 10 Plots!
Tony, Birmingham AL
Jean, Lake George CO
Dawn, Ft. Lupton CO 2 Plots!
Doris, Ft. Collins CO
John, Colorado Spgs CO
Harold, Denver CO
John, Ft. Collins CO
Greg, Indianapolis IN 10 Plots!
Ryan, Oroville CA!!

Today's Resource: Get Bob Enyart's life's work The Plot, 330-pages, perfect bound with a beautiful glossy cover! Or get 10 Plots for only $200! 99 Plots have sold since this near-mutiny broadcast of BEL. "Hey, help me and Knight make this an instant classic BEL moment by selling JUST ONE MORE PLOT to the KGOV audience for a total of 100 since yesterday!" said Brian Enyart Jr.