BEL Mutiny: TOL Promotes Atheist Debate

* TOL's Knight and Death2Impiety: (D2I, a.k.a. Brian Enyart Jr, a.k.a. Bob's nephew) urge the BEL audience to read the classic online debate, Does God Exist?, between Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart and's psychologist and resident atheist, Zakath. This 240-page book is available for the first time bound with a beautiful cover.

Moderator Begins the Debate
Round 1 Definition of God; Potential cost of atheism and theism; On evidence for the Creator from physics and biology

Round 2 On the existence of truth; On the existence of right and wrong; On the origin of the universe; On the origin of biological life

Round 3 Evidence for truth from multiple frames of reference; On morality; On the origin of the universe; On the origin of biological life; On disagreements over moral values; On the origin of consciousness

Round 4 On absolute morality; On the God of the Gaps; On universal conscience as evidence for absolute morality

Round 5 Implication of widespread evil; On absolute morality; On the God of the Gaps; On falsifiability of natural origins

Round 6 On God as the standard of morality; On falsifiability of natural origins; On disagreements over religious beliefs; On the falsifiability of Christianity; On the physics of creation; On scientific progress and religious faith; On the nature of physical and spiritual laws; On evidence for the Creator from the Solar System

Round 7 On conscience and sociopaths; On guilt as a cause of religious disagreement; On whether God's nature can theoretically define an absolute moral standard; On the absolute nature of laws; On the effect of conscience; On the possibilities inherent in eons of time

Round 8 Accusations against the God of the Bible; On absolute morality; the mathematics of probability; On evidence for the Creator from human behavior; On atheist morality

Round 9 On evidence from higher biological functions like vision and flight; On natural selection as a conservative force

Round 10 On seven atheist sayings; On the Transcendental proof for God; On atheism and sodium pentothal (truth serum); On the scientific statements in the Bible; On prophecies in the Bible; On the non-prophecies of the Bible

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Bob Enyart
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