Democrats Turning on their Own

* Carolyn Kennedy Not Qualified for U.S. Senate: apparently to be a Kennedy in the U.S. Senate, you've got to be an alcoholic and you must have killed someone in your car during a drunken stupor, as her uncle, the liar of the Senate, Ted Kennedy did back in Chappaquiddick when he drove off an embankment and drowned Mary Jo Kopechne. Years later Theodore was unable to gain momentum for his own presidential bid as college students would blast the son, a Bridge Over Troubled Waters, out of loudspeakers from the dorm rooms during Ted's campaign stops. Now Carolyn wants madam-in-waiting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate seat, but can she fill her Kennedy family's Senate shoes?

* Illinois Democrats "Expect" Political Corruption: and so they got it... in Barack Obama. No? Man-on-the-street interviews indicate that the people of the raped state of Illinois expect corruption from their governing leaders. And so, surely they must expect the same from Obama who rose to power in Chicago's infamous South Side surrounded by racists, socialists, pro-aborts, homosexuals, and anti-American zealots like Michael Pfleger and the Wrong Reverend Right who reject biblical Christianity. And now to fill the vacancy created by the election of the Obama bin Biden ticket, Illinois Governor entrepreneur Rod Blagojevich has named a U.S. Senate replacement, price not yet released. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate democrats are refusing to give a seat to the appointee, Roland Burris, who would be the only black man in the newly constituted U.S. Senate.

* Come Out and Hear Eric Metaxas who wrote Amazing Grace: Eric wrote the book that inspired the movie Amazing Grace! Colorado Right To Life has reserved the steps of the Capitol in Denver to hold a rally and then march to the 16th Street Mall when it's teeming with people, at noon on Thur. Jan. 22nd! Eric Metaxas wrote the best-selling Amazing Grace documenting the relentless effort of perhaps the greatest abolitionist of all time, William Wilberforce, who worked for 46 years to end slavery! Abortion was legalized in our state forty-one years ago yet in 2008 we had 585,000 Coloradans vote for personhood to end all abortions! Don't give up! Don't be discouraged! Stand up for God and for His command, Do not murder! Come out and join Bob Enyart and hundreds of other pro-life Christians at noon on January 22nd at the Capitol and hear Eric Metaxas encourage us with the lessons learned by Wilberforce in his life's work to recognize the slave's right to life and liberty! Call 303 753-9394 or see for more information!

* Post-show Note: Bob does not recommend the YouTube video he mentioned on air about another government bailout because he has learned that it includes cursing.