Government Spends $27,000 per Senior per Year

* Government Spends $27,000 Per Senior: per year! AARP is a virtual criminal organization that exploits widespread immorality, the Republican Party's practice of buying votes, and the lack of organization of young couples in their 20s and 30s who struggle to pay the bills while raising a couple kids, so that the more financially secure seniors can enjoy ever-increasing benefits at the risk of their own grandchildren's financial well being. When has AARP gone to the government and asked them to not increase payments to seniors out of concern for the debt being piled upon their own grandchildren? Answer: Never. Because advocating any socialist program, like George W. Bush's prescription drug program, violates God's enduring command, Do not steal, and that kind of bad behavior increases greed. It's not wrong to receive money from socialist government programs (which we all pay into), but it is wrong to defend those programs.

Post-show Note: One senior citizen listener called in during today's show, and off the air told another senior, a staffer at the BEL Cabin, "I was going to donate to Bob's telethon, but because of his criticism about the money the government is spending on seniors, I'm not going to give." We should all realize that such pressure, usually unstated, applies to ministries and churches, increasing as the size of the budget grows, such that pastors of larger churches often avoid most of the urgent matters of the day, for fear they will offend those who donate to the ministry. At BEL we ask God to help us recognize this usually unstated influence so that we can consciously discount it and teach God's principles in a way that honors Him rather than in a way that maximizes revenue. And in that regard:

* How to Turn Your Daughter...: into a tramp. Please consider the public schools! Yes, you've heard how bad they are, but of course, your local school is different! Of course it is. We should all tell ourselves that! Your school is doing everything it can think of to remove the stigma from young girls who service the boys in their classrooms. And don't fear, if she becomes pregnant, the school might be able to arrange to bring her for an abortion without even interrupting your schedule! And then, your little girl will be ready for the next boy! Welcome to godless education! It's called the public school system!

* BEL Listeners in Europe: are spreading the word, of the Lord, and His principles, and toward the protecting of the innocent! Wow. Thanks Jason! Please keep in touch, especially with the pro-life movement's resurgence growing out of Denver!

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