Bill Keller, Bill... Oh, THAT Bill Keller

* On CNN, O'Reilly, Hannity, Cavuto, & KGOV: Bill Keller, founder of, gets around! Hear the uplifting conversation between Bill and Bob Enyart!

* McCain Lies to Christians, Kills Kids: Please see American Right To Life's powerful press release about Dr. Dobson violating his pledge made invoking God! John McCain funds the killing of countless children for example by voting to allocate monies on Oct. 27, 2005 for tax-funded surgical abortion if the baby's father is a criminal, that is, a rapist. See McCain's Yea vote to authorized funding for surgical abortion to kill an unborn child whose father is a criminal, "if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest." Also he votes millions to foreign and domestic abortion providers including Planned Parenthood and one week after Rudi Giuliani dropped out of the race, Republicans for Choice endorsed McCain.

* BEL Telethon: Thank you to those who have already given to the annual BEL September telethon! So far we've reached $2,682 of $35,000 goal! It's time to resupply Gideon's army! Please call to keep Bob on the air, at 800-8Enyart or subscribe or give online! Thank you!!

* See Bob on Fox 31 about Dobson's Pledge: Bob Enyart is interviewed by Shaul Turner and while Focus on the Family won't discuss the pressing issue of Dr. Dobson's violation of his pledge privately, they have been debating the issue with members of American RTL publicly, through the media.

* Cindy McCain with Katie Couric: Which of Cindy McCain's lies about child killing do you believe? Watch and listen to her answers to Couric's questions on the CBS Evening News, and realize that Christians are being blatantly lied to, and most Christian leaders are in a co-dependent relationship, disrespecting themselves, their supporters, and God by being so willingly deceived by a wolf in sheep's clothing. It's as though God never gave us the Scriptures, and never warned us about such expected deceptions. It reminds the KGOV staffers of when God said that the wicked remain loyal to their wickedness, yet His followers refuse to stay loyal to Him. How tragic.

* Personhood Tonight: come on out to see the Personhood campaign's Keith Mason at 7:30 p.m. at Harvest Church in East Boulder County at 7493 Old Mill Trail!

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