Untitled BEL Show 2-15-08

We apologize that we have no show summary for this program. Perhaps one will be added in the future.

Post Show Notes:
* Get a Free DVD of Bob Debates the Stars: As a thank you for giving to the telethon, Bob Enyart will send you his latest smash hit DVD (well... it's a smash hit for BEL :) Bob Debates the Stars! Can you help us reach our telethon goal of $25,000 to keep Bob Enyart broadcasting for another year? He's on a 50,000-watt radio station, Denver's AM 670 KLTT, the most powerful Christian radio station in America! Please help Bob continue to have access to this important radio platform to reach people through another year of on-air teaching and preaching! Please call 800-8Enyart (836-9278) to make a one-time donation or a monthly pledge, or to subscribe to a great BEL monthly resource! We thank each one who has given, and each one who is praying, and each one who invites others to learn about God's Word from this talk radio program! Thank you so much!

Today's Resource: The movie, Get Out of the Matrix, has a parallel to the spiritual battle in that people prefer to live a lie than to know the truth. Notice the student who is morphing out of the matrix in this artwork on Bob's powerful DVD in which he debates an entire college philosophy class and their professor, it's called: Get out of the Matrix!


* Bob Tells the Story of Arriving in Costa Mesa: as a young man, Bob Enyart traveled from New Jersey to California to study the Bible at Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel. He arrived with almost no money, and no job, but with a prayer and a plan, and then God blessed him abundantly...


* andthenyoucankillthebaby.com: that domain name is getting the pro-life strategy point across to more and more Christians!

* Colorado's Personhood Amendment Effort: is going well but it needs YOUR HELP! Please if you can sign a petition, or get signatures yourself, or send in money to Colorado RTL to help get this historic personhood bill on the November ballot!