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* Just Google- Life of the Party Michelle: and the top-ranked site is Michelle McIntyre's Life of the Party. Bob talks with Michelle about the Republican Party, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Washington State's Assisted Suicide ballot initiative I-1000, and the only topic on which they disagree, Ron Paul. See the note below that Bob is going to attempt to post on Michelle's blog.

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* See the Dobson Protest on TV 11 and Fox 31: See the Colorado Springs TV-11 news report of the American RTL protest exposing Dr. James Dobson's violation of his pledge in which he invoked the name of God. In this report, Focus on the Family continues its misinformation campaign fabricating pro-life positions of Republicans. Remember the previous misinformation from Focus about the PBA ban outlawing all third-trimester abortions? Well, in yet another example of Focus on the Family personnel disseminating blatantly false information, vice president of public policy Tom Minnery claimed, "I believe, that if he [John McCain] becomes president, we will see him turn around and agree with president Bush on a very strong, no exceptions prohibition to embryonic stem cell research." The absurdity and blatant falsehood here is that George W. Bush DOES NOT advocate a ban on killing ANY embryonic boys and girls; instead, he authorizes funding to dissect and kill these snowflake children. President Bush has NEVER advocated a ban on dissecting and killing the tiniest boys and girls by the grisly research done on embryos, but rather has actually become the first president ever to fund such Mengele-esque lethal harvesting of human parts. Worse, his immoral legacy may have had the effect of jumpstarting research on these tiniest of kids. We will report it here if Focus on the Family ever publicly corrects this latest falsehood. And further, if McCain didn't change his support for killing the tiniest children to get the support of Christians during any of his presidential primaries, win or lose, it is absurd to deceive Christians into thinking that he will do so now that he has the support of the pro-life industry.

And Denver's Fox 31 report shows that even though Focus on the Family won't privately discuss the pressing issue of Dr. Dobson violating his pledge before God, they have been debating the issue with American RTL publicly through the media.

* Post to Michelle McIntyre's Life of the Party: After this BEL show summary was uploaded, we posted this note on Michelle's blog:

Michelle, thanks for the very worthwhile interview, and I look forward to us finishing our discussion about Ron Paul next week.

If you are willing, from our ARTLaction.com/RonPaul page, here is what I'd like to begin our discussion with, perhaps next Thursday, Sept. 18, if that works for you:

Libertarian Pro-Lifers: guilty of revisionism
Typical Claim: The federal government gave us abortion with the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade. What makes anyone think the federal government will end abortion?
Truth: The states began "legalizing" child killing with 19 states permitting abortion for various reasons in the seven years before Roe (MS, CO, CA, OR, NC, NY, AK, HI, WA, FL, AL, AR, DE, GA, KS, MD, NM, SC, VA) including a number with virtual abortion on demand like New York which allowed abortion through six months.

Paul's ‘Life' Bills: allow abortion in the states
Sanctity of Life Act of 2007: "each State has the authority to protect lives of unborn children... [but] the Supreme Court shall not have jurisdiction to review... any case arising out of any statute... on the grounds that such statute... regulates-- the performance of abortions..." Sec. 2(b)(2) & 3(a)(2). Consistent with other Paul bills, his legislation contains words that satisfy inattentive conservatives: notice he says the states would have the authority, that is, the option, but not the responsibility to protect children. Donors who have given Paul millions are mostly unaware of this trick. For Ron Paul then insists upon enormous Planned Parenthood-sized loopholes that would permit every single abortion committed in the fifty states to continue, many millions over his career, by requiring the federal judiciary to officially tolerate child killing in the states, which is where almost all U.S. abortions occur. [Michelle, imagine if an 1800s abolitionist argued that blacks were people too, but the Supreme Court could not consider any claim from any black man in a state that treated him that chattle.]

Paul's Bills Even Violate Constitution: allow depriving of life and liberty
Paul would require the federal government to violate the U.S. Constitution and tolerate child killing, rejecting the 5th Amendment and the 14th: "...nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." [Michelle, of course pre-Roe, the state of New York deprived unborn persons of life by decriminalizing their murder. The states may prosecute murder, YES. But they may not decriminalize murder, as ARTL points out:]

Libertarian Falsehood: claim states' rights include authorizing murder
States prosecute murder. They do not have the right to decriminalize murder. God gives no country, state, or any subdivision of government permission to authorize or even tolerate the intentional killing of the innocent. The federal and state relationship is irrelevant to the 'legalization' of abortion. If a neighboring country legalized the killing of Christians, Jews, children, or any class of person not convicted of a capital crime, it thereby commits an act of war that would justify invasion. God won't and pro-lifers must not give a pass to the federal government to look the other way when American states authorize child slaughter. [Michelle, that is where John McCain and Ron Paul are so eggregiously in error. If Massachusetts legalized child killing, McCain and Paul wickedly suggest that the Federal Government would be justified and should apathetically allow such state-sanctioned genocide to continue.]

Finally, Michelle, we ran out of time to continue our discussion, but in the last minute of the program I mentioned that just prior to showtime, I made an audio recording of Ron Paul with Ralph Nader on CNN with Wolf Blitzer which began at 4:35 p.m. E.T. Ron Paul said he is not endorsing fellow-Republican John McCain, but instead is giving an open endorsement to Ralph Nader and other third-party candidates. Per my recording from CNN today, Paul said, "Ralph Nader is a good friend... I plan to get as many votes for him as possible." His justification for this endorsement of a wicked man and his evil party was to take away votes from the two major parties. This additional evidence shows that Ron Paul has elevated process above principle (states' rights above Do not murder, etc.), in that he is so obsessed with the political process, that he will urge people to vote for a godless, leftist, child-killing, pro-homosexual, hate-America-first socialist like Ralph Nader.

Michelle, I'm looking forward to continuing our interview next week!

Bob Enyart

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* See Bob on Fox 31 about Dobson's Pledge: Bob Enyart is interviewed by Shaul Turner and while Focus on the Family won't discuss the pressing issue of Dr. Dobson's violation of his pledge privately, they have been debating the issue with members of American RTL publicly, through the media.

* Cindy McCain with Katie Couric: Which of Cindy McCain's lies about child killing do you believe? Watch and listen to her answers to Couric's questions on the CBS Evening News, and realize that Christians are being blatantly lied to, and most Christian leaders are in a co-dependent relationship, disrespecting themselves, their supporters, and God by being so willingly deceived by a child-killing wolf in sheep's clothing.

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