Hewitt & Reynolds Focus on Gay Marriage

* Hear Dr. Dobson Air Clips: of Hugh Hewitt inducting Dr. James Dobson into the National Radio Hall of Fame during which Hugh asks Dr. Dobson if the church is doing all it can to influence the culture. Then hear a clip from Hewitt's own radio show in which his "conservative" Republican guest suggests, unopposed, that Christians should begin accepting homosexual marriage. And Dr. Dobson laments the fact that the church is not walking the walk.

* Today is World's AIDS Day: and Matt Drudge highlighted a report quoting a British Medical Journal contributor Roger England who stated, "The global HIV industry is too big and out of control. We have created a monster with too many vested interests... too many relatively well paid HIV staff... England argues that closing UNAIDS would free up its $200 million annual budget... In Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda and elsewhere, donations for HIV projects routinely outstrip the entire national health budgets..."

* What Do the PBABA and BAIPA Have in Common? Neither the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act nor the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act will by law save a single innocent child. Yet, the pro-life industry spent years and raised millions of dollars on both. Contrast the goal and practical results of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, the goals were too:

- save kids

- harm the political career of politicians who would oppose it.

Barack Obama was the most visible opponent of the Born Alive act and he was elected president.

The practical results of the Born-Alive Act, and seven of these bullets are also indisputable, are that:
* the abortionist now makes absolutely certain that he kills the baby
* it cleans up the image of the abortion industry's current practices
* it provides cover for liberal politicians who support it to show they are not extreme
* NARAL gave no opposition because this pro-life law helps keep abortion legal
* it enabled pro-abortion politicians to vote Yes to improve the abortionist's reputation
* it squandered the blood of children killed after birth by passing a law that saves no kids
* distracts from the essential effort to recognize the God-given right to life of the unborn
* the baby's death now is quicker and likely more violent
* fewer kids live with BAIPA because those who would survive now have no chance

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