Expelled Exec Producer Walt Ruloff on BEL

* Expelled Opening Day: The executive producer of Expelled, Ben Stein's new movie set to open on Friday April 18th, joins Bob Enyart (eleven minutes into the show) to discuss Darwinism and its role in motivating the slaughter of the innocent, and they discuss Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough's early participation in the film and Ruloff mentions his plans to include Rohrbough's comments in the Extended Version on DVD! Also, Ruloff said he had heard about the ARTL Movie Marathon (see their press release on Yahoo News!) and was very thankful for such efforts, including the extraordinary plan of Denver Bible Church to take the whole congregation to see Expelled on Opening Weekend, April 20th at Colorado's Arvada Olde Town 14 at 11:30 a.m. Sunday morning (tickets cost only $5.00 and you can pre-purchase them)!

* Post-Opening Update: In Expelled, Richard Dawkins appears unedited as he was engaged in a conversation with Ben Stein in which Dawkins stated:

"Well, [the origin of life on earth] could have come about in this way: The evidence may show, as we look at the complexity, as we look at the genetic mechanisms, that might be evidence that a long time ago, far far away in another galaxy, that there was a civilization that evolved by Darwinian means. And that civilization designed life and seeded it on our earth." -Richard Dawkins

So to the fish wars, BEL adds to the mix an alien fish standing on end bearing Dawkins' name to illustrate the atheist's claim in the documentary Expelled that microbiology may provide evidence that life on earth may be the result of intelligent design from somewhere out there in the universe! Richard Dawkins added that such an alien species would most likely have evolved by some Darwinian mechanism. He seemed unaware, as atheists tend to be, that this claim merely punts the issue of origins, since the origin of life on an another planet would face the same dilemma as life arising on earth. Yet atheists commonly put hope in aliens with no logical defense of their blind faith.

The Ames Iowa Paper Prints Bob's Letter... The hometown newspaper of Intelligent Design author Dr. Guillermo Gonzales, printed the following:

Validating the Argument

To the Editor

Regarding The Tribune's "'Expelled' film draws applause at ISU," I saw the film 15 times this weekend in Denver (OK, I need to get a life, but we did so as part of a movie marathon: Reuters.com Expelled? Go to the Movies...).

Zach Nereim, with ISU's Atheist and Agnostic Society, references the widespread claim that somehow Richard Dawkins was misrepresented by editing or tricked about the topic of discussion.

Dawkins is engaged in the discussion with Ben Stein; he admits that the complexity observed by microbiology could be evidence that life on earth originated from a higher intelligence, somewhere out there in the universe.

Of course, he claims that such a higher lifeform must have evolved by some kind of Darwinian mechanism. But if genetic and cellular complexity provides evidence that life on earth is too complex to arise by chance, then evolutionists like Dawkins and Francis Crick are just punting to claim it must have originated somewhere else.

Dawkins validates the intelligent design argument. The film is powerful.

Bob Enyart
Arvada, Colorado

* ANOTHER DBC Service Off-Site: Denver Bible Church is encouraging their members to attend another off-site service, in fact, to attend another CHURCH, this Sunday night, April 13th, Power Invasion Ministries at 455 S. Platte River Drive in Denver, near I-25 & Alameda, at 6:30 p.m. Pastor Bob Enyart will be joining other pastors there earlier and then they will join the Rally for Life service led by Matt Lockett. Personhood initiative sponsor Kristi Burton will also address the crowd, and campaign coordinator Keith Mason and his wife Jennifer will be there, and folks can bring their petitions to be notarized! Lou Engle founded Bound4Life.com and TheCall, and with, for example, 70,000 Christians meeting in Tennessee last year at TheCall to pray for the end of legalized child killing in America, Lou had become rather busy, so he asked his longtime friend Matt Lockett to become the executive director of Bound4Life, and in that capacity, Matt has come to Colorado to encourage and help us gather the final 19,000 signatures to get Personhood on the ballot! Praise God, and I'll see you at Power Invasion (it's a bit more charismatic than we're used to, but let's go and worship the Lord and fellowship with the brethren)!

* CRTL Invites Members to See Expelled: Colorado RTL is inviting their members to see Expelled on Opening Weekend, and their vice president Leslie Hanks is urging members in the Denver area to attend a special showing on Saturday April 19th at Colorado's Arvada Olde Town 14 (matinee tickets cost only $5.50 and you can pre-purchase them)!

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