Michael Pearl on BEL re Good and Evil

* To Train Up a Child: Bob Enyart and Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries discuss Michael and Debi Pearl's best-selling short book, To Train Up a Child. For many years now, whenever anyone orders this book from BEL, we send with it an audio-taped message from Bob Enyart titled Tyrant Dad!

* Created to be His Helpmeet: Michael Pearl's wife Debi wrote this best-selling book which the women of Denver Bible Church use as a discussion guide in a weekly Bible study!

* Good and Evil: Michael Pearl is introducing hundreds of thousands of young people (and adults also) to the powerful truths via the accounts in the Bible through a 300-page comic book version of the Scriptures! See a page from the black and white version, and another from the color version, and then order a copy for Christmas for the boys and girls you care about!

Post-show Note: Bob Enyart is coming to Indiana, Goshen in the evening of Jan. 29th and Indianapolis on Saturday January 31st, to present a brand new BEL Seminar titled Hermeneutics: Tools for Studying the Bible. Learn how to use sixteen different tools of interpretation as you study the Bible. And as importantly, Bob will discuss the principles involved for prioritizing these hermeneutics. Varying interpretations may result depending upon which tools a student employs to understand a passage, such as the First Mention Principle, Typological Analysis, or the Historical/Grammatical Method. Believers should become experts in right and wrong, and being proficient at reading God's Word is an invaluable advantage. The seminar attendees will learn about the different hermeneutics and how to decide which tool to use in which instance. You'll love it! To register and for more information, please call 1-800-8Enyart!

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