T-Minus 9 Days? Two Judies Part I

* Nine Days Till Weitz Permanent Collaborator Status: By January 31st, 2008, the Collaborators Project will designate the billion-dollar Weitz construction firm with permanent collaborator status if Weitz does not stop constructing Denver's new abortion clinic. The Collaborators Project has commitments from activist leaders around the country to honor PCS. This means that for as many years as Planned Parenthood kills children in the building prepared by Weitz, pro-life street activists around the country have agreed to include Weitz' executives' homes and their premier clients in ongoing, routine abortion protests.

* Nat'l RTL's Michigan Affiliate Exposed: Judy Climer and Judy Zabik, leaders of personhood organizations thrown out of Nat'l RTL for refusing to endorse pro-choice candidates, report on the anti-life practices of Right To Life of Michigan. [Listen to The Two Judies Part II that aired on Jan. 30th.]

* Colorado Personhood Signature Gathering: Dear fellow wild-eyed Christian activists: Glory! We are having too much fun in Colorado.  A handful of pro-lifers with personhood petitions has Planned Parenthood all shook up.  They claim that they have raised ten million dollars to stop us, plus, abortionist Hern in Boulder has taken out a full page ad in the newspaper. We laugh at those who do not know the power of God to bless truth and destroy lies. I don't know about the other petitioners, but I got well over 100 signatures this afternoon, signed up five new volunteer petitioners, got three more churches to endorse the petition, and gave literature to about 50 separate people who will ask their pastors if their churches can fully support the petition drive!  Come on!  Let me hear you shout VICTORY! -Cal Zastrow
["If you want to be wonderfully encouraged, and come to love the Lord more (and even to love Cal Zastrow more!) listen to Cal's fireside chat that he did at a recent Sunday School to teach you (and me) how to get signatures on the Colorado personhood petitions!" -Bob Enyart]

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