National Right To Life on BEL

* Bob Debates National RTL's Political Director: Brian Johnston of NRTL and Bob Enyart conclude their debate on the Republican presidential candidate who authorizes, supports, and funds killing countless innocent children. Bob argues that a Christian should never vote to put a child killer into a position of authority.

* Post Show Update: Fireproof continues to storm the box office earning over $13 million in only 12 days of release, remaining in the top ten current films, and has already earned a spot grossing within the top ten all time Christian films. List as Erin Bethea talks to Bob about her role as Catherine Holt, wife of Kirk Cameron's character, Caleb.

* Focus II: An organization at the domain name "" doesn't want you to see the groundbreaking DVD, Focus on the Strategy II. You may want to check it out anyway!

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