Obama & Bush Same on Same-Sex Unions

* Obama Supports Same-Sex Unions: "I don't think it [a same-sex union] should be called marriage, but I think that it is a legal right that they should have that is recognized by the state," said Obama on the presidential campaign trail, Mar. 2, 2008.

* Bush Supports Same-Sex Unions: "I view the definition of marriage different from legal arrangements [but] I don't think we should deny people rights to a civil union, a legal arrangement, if that's what a state chooses to do," said Bush on the presidential campaign trail, Oct. 24, 2004.

* ARTL Action's Ad Ran in Texas: ARTLA ran a full-page ad in yesterday's Sunday edition of the Victoria Advocate in Ron Paul's 14th Congressional District in Texas! The ad is a devastating but accurate presentation of Ron Paul's promotion of tolerance of child killing by the federal government. Texans vote on Tuesday so we'll soon see how Ron Paul does in his district. ARTLA president Steve Curtis talks through this Ron Paul and Libertarian Party issue with Bob. ARTLA is asking for help to pay for this ad! See their press release below!

* Jill Stanek is Taking a Poll on Personhood: On her very popular blog, Jill Stanek is taking the temperature of the pro-life movement, and so far, we're not quite at 98.6, but we're doing pretty well, and personhood, the #2 option, is coming on strong! Praise God!

Today's Resource: The movie, Get Out of the Matrix, has a parallel to the spiritual battle in that people prefer to live a lie than to know the truth. Notice the student who is morphing out of the matrix in this artwork on Bob's powerful DVD in which he debates an entire college philosophy class and their professor, it's called: Get out of the Matrix!