Missionary: Enyart's "Plot" Working in Costa Rica

* Costa Rica Missionary Jeremy Clark:

Dear BEL, you guys should know about the impact that Bob Enyart's book, The Plot [in Spanish, La Trama] is making down here in Costa Rica in our Bible Institute.  Each trimester that I teach a Theology class that we call "The Story of God and Man." I give the students several text books. The Plot is one of them.  During the trimester I refrain, as much as possible, from giving my opinion as to the differences between the books. Almost without exception, at the end of the course, the students love The Plot and adopt its conclusions as the most biblical. The story of one student sums it all up.  Marco found out about our Bible Institute by receiving a flier in his mail last December.  Among the courses he took was The Story of God and Man. Within the first two weeks he read all the books I gave him for the 14 week trimester. He arrived early to class one day and told me that he had finished reading the text books. I asked him what he thought about them. He pointed to The Plot and said, "I have peace". He felt for the first time he could reconcile so many verses that seem to contradict. -Jeremy Clark [See more...]

Heart etched into wood with the word "Mama" and a silhouette of a baby in the womb* A Decade Later Update: Missionary kid Berea Clark, daughter of Jeremy and Andrea, heard Bob's interview with the former abortionist who performed the role of the Planned Parenthood abortionist in the film Unplanned. Berea (what a fabulous name!)  then wrote a powerful account of abortion from the perspective of the baby in the womb which Grace Ministries International posted on their website. We highly recommend it to you and for sharing with others!

* Published Strategy Letter in South Dakota: Pro-life Group Will Fight To Win, by Christopher C. Fisher, Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, Feb. 11, 2008:

Pretend there was an organization that opposed the South Dakota effort to ban abortion. Suppose this group worked to stop personhood amendments from state to state, sometimes endorsing the same candidates as Planned Parenthood. Pretend they despised street abortion protesters who actually save babies, and that they earned lucrative salaries.

Now pretend that this organization was funded by those wishing to stop the killing of unborn babies. This organization does exist. It is called National Right to Life. Its candidate of choice was Fred Thompson, who used his air time not to oppose abortion but to oppose personhood amendments. This is the guy who "forgot" if he was a lobbyist for a pro-abortion organization and is on record as saying he is for abortion in the cases of rape and incest, as if there ever is a good reason to intentionally kill an innocent human being.

This was the same Thompson who crippled pro-life free speech by sponsoring the McCain-Feingold Act. National Right to Life also has poured millions of dollars down the drain fighting for the partial-birth abortion ban, a law that does not prevent a single abortion but instead gave us a legal manual on how to kill children. Just read the court ruling.

National Right to Life's only real achievement over 30 years is turning the top Republicans into pro-abortion politicians and turning the average pro-lifer into a tool of the Republicans.

If you want a real pro-life organization, I would turn you to American Right to Life. A new organization founded by hardened activists from Colorado Right to Life, which group formed two years before National Right to Life. These activists receive no salary, so they never will settle with child-killing regulations, but they will fight to win.

Pro-lifers have been losing for more than 30 years. It is time to get serious. If you are giving money to National Right to Life, I urge you to switch your donations to American Right to Life, which never will compromise on God's command: "Do not murder."

* Jill Stanek Reports On Clinton Losing His Cool: See the video of Bill Clinton responding angrily to pro-lifers at a campaign stop. Clinton used the YouTube "Libertyville" argument against pro-lifers who won't or can't respond to the question: If you actually believe abortion is the killing of an innocent child, then how should doctors and women be punished for committing an abortion. Check out BEL's Libertyville Abortion Demonstration Response for our answer to that question!

* Denver's Archbishop Charles Chaput: sad something so sad, that if it a similar comment were uncovered made by a Roman Catholic Bishop in Germany 70 years ago, the Vatican would have to sponsor an international conference on Catholic complicity in genocide, and the Pope would have to issue an apology to the Jews. He said, "If you're a Democrat can you legitimately vote for someone who is pro-choice? I imagine so," Chaput told a crowd of about 150. "But you have to tell them forcefully you want them to change..."

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