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* Islamic Terrorist Wannabe: A 21-year old Florida man tried to smuggle a box cutter aboard a flight out of Tampa in a hollowed-out book titled Fear Itself, and he had other books with him including Muhammad in the Bible, The Prophet's Prayer, The Noble Qur'an, and a copy of the Koran itself. He's facing up to ten years in prison.

* Cops Building DNA Database: The police in Daytona Beach are looking for a man who has already murdered four women execution style. There is no right to anonymity (although there is a right to paranoia), and no principle of governance suggests that the government should not know who lives in its jurisdiction, and thus, a comprehensive DNA database would not violate any biblical principles, and would greatly aid law enforcement and would likely be a major deterrent especially for assaults and many sex crimes. So thank you to the officers swabbing folks for comparison to crime scene DNA.

* Hacker Breaks iPod Encryption: Copyright violations break the law, God's law, that is. His enduring command, Thou shall not steal applies also to protected intellectual property, and breaking and entering, even if it's into an iPod, to steal other people's property that the consumer has contracted to use in a defined manner, is criminal.

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