Real Science Radio: Caterpillar Kills Atheism

Photo: Trudy Wilkerson

* Challenge to Atheists and Theistic Evolutionists: RSR co-hosts Fred Williams, with Creation Research Society, and Bob Enyart, challenge atheists to give a rough description of how evolution could possibly explain (it cannot) a caterpillar liquefying itself and re-creating itself into a butterfly. Evolution uses random mutations, small incremental changes, and natural selection. The chrysalis stage is an impassable gulf that small random changes cannot cross. A caterpillar species needs to begin digesting itself, turning itself into a "bag of rich fluid," and then forming all new tissue and organs, including wings, legs, antennae, heart, muscles and nervous system, building a brand new organism, and then starting the process all over again. So, Bob and Fred invite any atheist to spend the next 25 years trying to come up with a rough algorithm of how Darwinism can cross the Chrysalis divide!

Monarch butterfly chrysalis on the underside of a leaf...

* An Encouraging RSR Listener: Supersport, wrote about this program:

"I cannot emphasize how much I love this's simplicity and truth at its finest -- I thrive on it..I crave it: No science [background] required... no knowledge of any goofy theory, no [higher-education] schooling, no professors, no degrees, no books [needed, just eyes], no university study to rely on -- just two guys talking about the miracle of creation. After listening to this short audio, it should be obvious and self-evident to everyone that God is the Creator of all. Check it out -- it's a great listen. Bob Enyart and Fred Williams tell a great story and put on display the staggering brilliance, genius and beauty of our living God.

"p.s. please do yourself a favor and listen to it all..... and notice the creationists' $20,000 offer to the evolution institution to carbon date the soft tissue t-rex... I really do love common sense and wisdom. There is so little of it to go around nowadays, when I hear two people who are obviously wise and not fooled by today's mob of storytellers in science and media, it just gives an all-over warm feeling and a desire to thank God for people like this."

Monarch butterfly emerges in composite image...

* Wow: Supersport, that's humbling. You equally encourage us! Thanks so much! In Christ, -Bob and Fred

* Evolutionist Criticizes Bob: Go figure. The last time Bob described the caterpillar liquefying itself and then re-forming itself, a feat impossible for Darwinism to accomplish, an online evolutionist criticized him saying that caterpillars "do not liquefy themselves." However, the world's leading expert on Monarch Butterflies, Dr. Lincoln Brower, whose scientific papers published over 50 years take 15 pages just to list, writes, "Enzymes are being released that digest all the caterpillar tissue, so that the caterpillar is being converted into a rich culture medium... that chrysalis, during the first 3-4 days is literally a bag of rich fluid media that these cells are growing on. truly is a miraculous biological process of transformation."

Monarch butterfly

* Carbon 14 Found in Deep Well Gas: Carbon 14 decays in only thousands of years, and therefore, cannot last for millions of years. (See our RSR Carbon-14 program for why evolutionary secondary assumptions like neutron capture and contamination frequently do not apply.) Thus, young-earth creationists find evidence that the earth is not billions of years old as Christian and secular scientists find Carbon 14 EVERYWHERE it shouldn't be if the earth were old, including in diamonds, coal, oil, dinosaur fossils, and marble. Now, Creation Research Society Quarterly author John Doughty reports on radiocarbon found in two-mile deep natural gas wells! Doughy concludes, "Once again, fossil gas is not carbon-14 dead. Thus, the age of the gases is on the order of thousands, not millions of years."

Photo: Trudy Wilkerson

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