Bob's Grandmother, Bob Schaffer & Shiu Yon Zhou

* Surprise Guest at Saturday Banquet Revealed: Bob announced the surprise guest who will appear at the banquet Saturday night (register last minute at 303 697-7825). Come out and meet Shiu Yon Zhou, a young woman who, tragically, experienced the brutality of Chinese forced abortion. Bob's old radio nemesis, liberal pro-abort Jay Marvin will interview Shiu Yon on a Denver Clear Channel station tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. (2nd hour on his April 25, '08 show), on KKZN, 760 AM.

Post-show note: Listen to that extraordinary interview, especially to the last minute when Jay, perhaps making history, criticizes Planned Parenthood for giving millions to China's forced-abortion regime, and that from a pro-abortion democrat on a liberal progressive radio station! It seems that American RTL's lack of hypocrisy, see below, helped to free Jay to make this truthful and devastating criticism of Planned Parenthood. Shiu Yon was also quoted in the Denver Post this week, saying ""And I beg Mr. Schaffer (Republican, conservative, Christian, U.S. Senate candidate) to not look the other way, and to apologize for being part of the problem. He calls himself pro-life, but how can he be when he is not outraged by Chinese forced abortion?" So please come out Saturday to hear Bob Enyart present Focus on the Strategy III, and hear and enjoy the company of Kristi Burton, Will, Shiu Yon Zhou, and so many other wonderful pro-lifers! We'll have 200 people there and it will be a great event, so please don't miss it! Post-show note: See WorldNetDaily's April 25th headline story on Shiu Yon!

* Pro-life U.S. Candidate Bob Schaffer Tolerant of Forced Abortion: The Rocky Mountain News reports: Schaffer's anti-abortion credentials questioned... In recent days, Schaffer has been accused of ignoring forced abortions in a U.S. territory and of refusing to meet with a Colorado anti-abortion group... Steve Curtis, spokesman for American Right to Life, said his group wants to question Schaffer on two issues: China and a proposed "personhood" ballot measure for November. "I believe Bob Schaffer believes he's pro-life, but there's an inconsistency here," said Curtis. And an American teacher who helped blow the whistle on guest-worker abuses in the Marianas Islands, a U.S. territory, says that as a congressman, Schaffer ignored evidence that pregnant workers there were urged to have abortions. Wendy Doromal said when she lived in the Marianas, her Filipino husband went undercover, posing as the husband of a Chinese guest worker who claimed she was pregnant. They were steered toward abortion clinics... Schaffer's trip was arranged by [jailed Jack] Abramoff's lobbying firm and a California-based Christian group with ties to the lobbyist... One issue, Curtis said, was Schaffer's congressional vote giving favored-nation trading status to China. American Right to Life wants to know whether Schaffer would reconsider that support, given reports of forced abortions in China and involving Chinese workers in the Marianas. "We think it is inconsistent to reward China with trillions of dollars of free trade with the United States when they're committing atrocious human rights violations," Curtis said. In addition, Curtis said there is concern that Schaffer so far hasn't publicly supported a proposed ballot measure that would change the state constitution to define a fertilized egg as a person..." ...Dennis Grennia, who works for a social justice group in Washington, D.C. ... said Abramoff's strategy called for discrediting Doromal at every step, and [Schaffer] appears to be following the script... "I have the documents where a Chinese worker states she was told to have an abortion on Saipan or return to China," Doromal said. "Everything was documented." ... "None of them could confirm any examples or episodes of this," he told the Rocky Mountain News. But Doromal said it was a human rights advocate for the Catholic diocese who first exposed the [forced] abortions.

* Bob to Speak at Constitutional Law Class: Bob will be speaking at a major Colorado university to a Constitutional law class on the issue of personhood. So please pray for him on April 30th when he will be up against a lawyer that's worked with Planned Parenthood.

* My Grandmother, Having Boys, and Broccoli: Edith Galluccio always told her family how to have boys, when you want a baby: eat broccoli! Years ago she went to be with the Lord, and after all this time, there's finally a news story out about how to skew your chances for having a boy... eat broccoli! "A British study says eating potassium-rich foods... seemed to raise the odds of having a boy... It could be that certain nutrients or eating patterns make women's bodies more hospitable to sperm carrying the male chromosome." Then googling potassium in foods, the National Institute of Health website stated, "Vegetables including broccoli, peas, lima beans... are all good sources of potassium." Broccoli! Nonnie is vindicated!

Today's Resource: Read American Right To Life's great press release at or at dozens of other major news sites (AOL, Forbes, Houston Chronicle, LA Times, etc.). This was a fun Expelled movie marathon and it's not too late for you to see the movie at a theater near you!

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