Joe the Plumber Plugs Alan Keyes

* Hear Joe the Plumber Plug Keyes for President: listen to this Associated Press interview of Joe the Plumber in which the now-famous Joe Wurzelbacher of Holland, Ohio expressed dissatisfaction with the two major presidential candidates and then told the AP: "There's a gentleman named Alan Keyes... I have no doubt he'd probably fix this country in two years." And yes, the AIP presidential ticket of Alan Keyes and Brian Rohrbough are asking for your vote!

* Tom Trento in the BEL Studio Warning of Jihad: Check out the trailer at! Tom Trento offers the movie for free! Just fill out the online form at

Post-show Note: * ABC News Quotes American Right To Life: "James Dobson, a leader in the Colorado Springs evangelical community... said during the primaries this year, 'I am convinced Sen. McCain is not a conservative, and, in fact, has gone out of his way to stick his thumb in the eyes of those who are. I cannot and will not vote for Sen. John McCain as a matter of conscience.' Bob Enyart with the American Right To Life encourages people to vote for a third party candidate, saying, 'Don't vote for someone who funds and defends the killing of some unborn children. Don't vote for John McCain.'"

Perhaps ABC News found this American RTL Action Presidential Voter's Guide about McCain's pro-abortion record. Please consider emailing this voter's guide to friends!

* Friends Interviews: other interviews this week include the BBC's 2-hour TV interview with Brian Rohrbough, president of American RTL; Al Jazeera's interview with Jo Scott, founder of Pro-Life Colorado; and Steven Deace's interview of David Barton about the current election!

* Focus II: An organization at the domain name "" doesn't want you to see the groundbreaking DVD, Focus on the Strategy II. You may want to check it out anyway!

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