Tony Perkins of Washington Watch Helping

* Collaborators Project Report from Wash Watch: Hear the radio segment by Tony Perkins of Washington Watch from Feb. 8, 2008 promoting the success of the founded by Will! And Colorado RTL thanks Perkins for mentioning their efforts in support of the CP and in increasing the social tension over child killing!

* American Life League's Mike Hitchborn: reports that YouTube today censored their anti-Planned Parenthood video exposing the abortionists' Mile High Club TV ad campaign that promotes immorality to kids via a spoof on a United Airlines' homosexual flight attendant feigning sex with a pilot during flight. You can check out

* Charlotte NC Summit of 70 Leaders: Hear Jo Scott report about the successful summit in North Carolina this weekend where she pitched the personhood wing of the pro-life movement to 70 leaders, and suggested Denver as the best place to focus the nation's 2008 pro-life efforts!

* Colorado Moms Warn About Girl Scouts: Hear Leslie Hanks of Colorado RTL and a caller talk about the severe problems with the Girl Scouts, the national kids organization that promotes abortion, lesbianism and feminism.

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