Bob out getting signatures; Hanks & Scott in studio

*Bob On the Streets for Two Weeks: Colorado for Equal Rights has only two weeks till their May 13th deadline to get the rest of those 76,000 signatures they need! So Bob is asking, "Now that the final stretch is upon us, if you are a resident of Colorado, PLEASE help. Ideas:

* Get a blank petition at a distribution point (in Arvada, Aurora, Colo Spgs, Denver, Durango, Firestone, Grand Junction, Lafayette, Loveland, Pueblo, Westcliff, and Wheat Ridge) or call Colo RTL at 303 753-9394, and get five, ten or fifty names on it, quick!
* Come out to meet Bob at daily signature event and sign a personhood petition!
* Over the next two weeks, when you see where Bob will be petitioning, either come out and join him, or go to a similar location near you, on your work lunch hour, after work, on the weekend, at a Rockies ball game, whenever or wherever you can!
* Ask another person to help you get a petition and signatures!
* Ask your church if we can gather signatures on Sunday morning and call Colo RTL and we'll arrange for volutneers to be there!

Here are some of the places Bob will be getting signatures, and looking for you to join him, or to go to a similar location near you. Bob will call into his show daily over the next two weeks! Please do the same and call to talk to Bob's guest hosts through May 13th to ask personhood amendment questions or to encourage the audience by telling them what you've done to get signatures!

Tue, April 29, 3-4 pm:
Mardel (click for map) Christian Bookstore South of Quincy on the west side of Wadsworth. (Join Bob or go to a similar location near you!)

Wed, April 30, 3-4 pm: Wal-mart, 32nd and Youngfield  (Join Bob or go to a similar location near you and ask the manager for permission, at a Walmart, King Soopers or Safeway, most of which are happy to let you get signatures, just stand about 15 feet from the door, and ask customers as they are leaving!)

Thu, May 1, noon-1 pm: National Day of Prayer. Please either go to the State Captiol downtown, or join Bob at noon behind the Arvada Library in Olde Town off Olde Wadsworth; or find a Day of Prayer event near you by clicking on! This is a great place to get signatures statewide!

Thu, May 1, 3:00-4 pm: To be announced...

Fri, May 2, 3-4pm: King Soopers, join Bob at 64th and Ward in Arvada or go to your nearest King Soopers and let the manager know you're there (we have statewide permission for Safeways and King Soopers, but we need to politely ask the store managers and let them know we're there).

Get Signatures at the Ball Park! Colorado Rockies Games: Please help Bob Enyart collect signatures at the Rockies Games outside of the main entrance of Coors Field (at 20th & Blake):

Fri, May 2, 6:00 pm (for 7 pm game time)
Saturday 5 pm (6 pm game time)
Sunday noon (for 1 pm game time) Bob can't make this one because he's preaching at Denver Bible Church, so please consider being there in his place)!

Bob will call into his show and update us each day at 3 pm from these above locations. Please do your part, come out and join him, or get signatures elsewhere if you can!

*To get petitions: Please call Colorado RTL at 303-753-9394 or or Colorado for Equal Rights at 719-749-2164!

Today's Resource: Read American Right To Life's great press release at or at dozens of other major news sites (AOL, Forbes, Houston Chronicle, LA Times, etc.). This was a fun Expelled movie marathon and it's not too late for you to see the movie at a theater near you!