$15,000 for Personhood in One Day!

* The BEL Audience Comes Through: Hoping to encourage the Colorado Personhood Campaign, Bob Enyart and James, a Colorado commercial realtor put together a plan to raise $15,000 in one day to help the campaign continue to print petitions, mail them out, and otherwise move forward collecting signatures! Stunningly, our audience came through and we raised $15,000 in a day for this historic opportunity to teach the people of Colorado, and the nation, that an unborn child is a person with a God-given right to life!

Post-show Note: Please join Bob in welcoming Judie Brown to Colorado at evening $100-a-plate fundraisers on April 4 & 5! Or if you're in Colorado please help get signatures! Or please donate directly to the non-deductible Colorado RTL Issue Committee to help get Personhood on the ballot in November! Just call Donna at 303 753-9394! Our deadline for 76,000 signatures is May 13th! We're at 45,000 and going strong! We need your help! Please, help!

Today's Resource: Watch Terry's Call on DVD as Bob quickly unravels Terry's red herring claim, that homosexuals are living godly lives. In a series of heart touching phone calls, Terry is led to the Lord and repentance, shortly before his death from AIDS. (And notice the meaning of all the graphic elements in the artwork on the label of the DVD!)