Human Events Editor Dancing on BEL

* Gregg Jackson Interviews Jed Babbins: As Ronald Reagan turns in his grave, listen to the editor of his favorite magazine, Human Events, dance around simple questions from L.A. talk host Gregg Jackson. Jed Babbins and Human Events endorsed Fred Thompson for president, a Republican who rejects the right to life for the unborn and yet claims to be pro-life while opposing Human Life Amendments. Right. When Jackson points out that Thompson lobbied for the abortion industry, Babbins said Thompson had no choice, as a lawyer he had a sworn duty to... to... to do what? To take money to advocate for abortionists? Right. On air Dr. James Dobson used the exact same pretend excuse for John Roberts who did pro bono work for homosexuals helping them overturn Colorado's Amendment Two law designed to slow the homosexual agenda. Right. While Roberts was a partner at a leading D.C. firm specializing in oral arguments before the Supreme Court, he had to convince the court to rule that folks could be forced to hire homosexuals, as Dr. Dobson said, "It's like a secretary handling paperwork; he had no choice." Right. Further, Babbins could not understand that the right to life is preeminent, the editor suggesting that it was equivalent to the right to vote. Right. Disenfranchised people have successfully lobbied for suffrage, but dead people have yet to wage any successful campaign. The right to life irrefragably takes precedence over others (you can't vote if you're dead) and Babbins' denial is clearly not a result of his inability to think. This Gregg Jackson interview demonstrates that Babbins vacuity is actually an attempt to excuse those who exploit the unborn for personal gain.

* Post-show Note: For another example of the untrustworthiness of the conservative media, see the BEL program, 20-Judge Lie from World Magazine & LifeNews in which Joel Belz, Lynn Vincent, and Steve Ertelt lied to their readers that George Bush nominated "20 pro-life judges" and refused to correct the record when confronted.

* Anti-Personhood Republicans Lose Again in '10: For the first time ever, Colorado RTL openly worked against purported pro-life Republican candidates, targeting those who refused to endorse personhood this election cycle. BEL hopes that this courageous act marks the beginning of a new era when major pro-life organizations work against the candidacy of any Republican who has "exceptions" to protecting children and who does not support personhood. BEL will only support candidates who will not kill unborn children, but we will actively oppose all others!

* Post-show Updates: UK Media Picture of the Day! Did you see this great photo of American RTL's sign on the Denver mountain condemning the DNC?

* See this Powerful Personhood TV Ad: There is a fire in a clinic. See what happens next...

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- The BBC's two-hour TV interview last week with Brian Rohrbough, president of American RTL; stay tuned to KGOV to find out about any resultant BBC report.

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