Dolly Llama opposes his own and Obama births

* Supremes Refuse Case Tomorrow: You report, we decide. Yes, it's true, here at BEL, we  give news summaries before the events themselves occur. Regarding Barack Obama's eligibility for the presidency, tomorrow the U.S. Supreme Court will refuse to take up a lawsuit claiming that Obama is not a natural-born citizen.

* U.S. Senate Democratic Leader: now that the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center is complete, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he is glad he won't have to smell the body odor of the tourists any longer. Really.

* U.S. Republican Senator: Jim DeMint laments that the Capitol Visitors Center is godless, refusing to include any reference to the Lord, not even displaying the simple national motto, "In God We Trust." Instead, presenting a revisionist history, "Visitors will enter reading a large engraving that states, 'We have built no temple but the Capitol. We consult no common oracle [prophet] but the Constitution.'" With this phrase the governments brags of its godlessness. May God have mercy on America.

* 1 out of 10 on Food Stamps: Whereas 10 out of 10 die, 1 out of 10 Americans are currently on food stamps. Such government welfare destroys families and communities. But many people lack the love of their neighbor to consider the enormity of the horror brought about to millions of children as a result of counterproductive government handouts.

* Europe Objects to Universal DNA Database: Since Europe's human rights court ruled to throw out the DNA records of two acquitted suspects, it is clear they would oppose a universal DNA database, which is proof enough that America should adopt one.

* American Teens Lie, Steal, Cheat at Record Rates: with the epidemic bad behavior of young people, please do all you can to give your children a Christian homeschooled education if at all possible!

* The Dalai Lama Opposes His Own Birth: Sex should be avoided says the Dolly Llama because "in some cases there is suicide, murder cases," and "Too much attachment towards your children, towards your partner," is an "obstacle [to] peace of mind," said the Nobel prize winner. Revered by his followers as a god-king-whacko, the Dolly Llama will soon address the European Parliament before heading to Boogey Land to march with one hundred Wooden Soldiers.

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