Bob runs full page ad against Ron Paul in his district

* ARTL Action's Ad Ran in Texas: ARTLA ran a full-page ad in yesterday's Sunday edition of the Victoria Advocate in Ron Paul's 14th Congressional District in Texas! The ad is a devastating but accurate presentation of Ron Paul's promotion of tolerance of child killing by the federal government. Texans vote on Tuesday so we'll soon see how Ron Paul does in his district. ARTLA president Steve Curtis talks through this Ron Paul and Libertarian Party issue with Bob. ARTLA is asking for help to pay for this ad! See their press release below!

* ARTL Press Release, March 3, 2008:

American RTL Action Issues Negative Candidate Report on Ron Paul
ARTLA Places Full-page Ad in Sunday's Victoria Advocate
Ron Paul Exposed as Pro-choice, State by State

"Until now, most pro-life leaders have given Ron Paul a pass, but a politician who tells any level of the government that they must tolerate abortion, as Paul says to the federal government, will be exposed," said Steve Curtis, president of American Right To Life Action. The 527 group's website quotes Ron Paul, infamously writing at, "While Roe v. Wade is invalid, a federal law banning abortion across all 50 states would be equally invalid" (1-31-06, see for links to source documents.) "Just as bad, Paul has brought thousands of pro-lifers into the Libertarian Party which is officially pro-choice," said Curtis, former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, as their platform states under Reproductive Rights, 'We [the Libertarian Party] oppose government actions that prohibit abortion.'"

The American RTL website states: "Libertarian Ron Paul is running for the Republican nomination and remains on "good terms" with the Libertarian Party, was previously its presidential candidate, and more recently, in 2004, spoke at its national convention, and he has never repudiated them even though the Libertarian Party is officially: pro-legalized abortion, pro-legalized homosexuality, pro-legalized pornography, pro-legalized adultery, pro-legalizing crack cocaine, pro-legalized suicide, and pro-legalized euthanasia, pro-legalizing prostitution, and against protecting marriage between a man and a woman. The Libertarian Party is based on a humanist rather than on a Judeo-Christian worldview and thus has misguided notions of governance and no compass for righteousness in law." continues regarding Paul's mistitled, "Sanctity of Life Act of 2007: 'each State has the authority to protect lives of unborn children... [but] the Supreme Court shall not have jurisdiction to review... any case arising out of any statute... on the grounds that such statute... regulates-- the performance of abortions...' (Sec. 2 & 3). Consistent with other Paul bills, his legislation contains words that satisfy inattentive conservatives: notice he says the states would have the authority, that is, the option, but not the responsibility to protect children. Donors who have given Paul millions are mostly unaware of this. For Ron Paul then insists upon enormous Planned Parenthood-sized loopholes that would permit every single abortion committed in the fifty states to continue, many millions over his career, by requiring the federal judiciary to officially tolerate child killing in the states, which is where almost all U.S. abortions occur."

"This is why we took out our ad yesterday in the Victoria Advocate," said Curtis, "because until now, national pro-life organizations have provided no leadership to warn pro-life, family-values voters about the fundamental pro-choice nature of libertarians and Ron Paul's legislation."

Read American RTL's full Ron Paul Candidate Report at

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Today's Resource: The movie, Get Out of the Matrix, has a parallel to the spiritual battle in that people prefer to live a lie than to know the truth. Notice the student who is morphing out of the matrix in this artwork on Bob's powerful DVD in which he debates an entire college philosophy class and their professor, it's called: Get out of the Matrix!

* Hillary: 'I think Obama's Not my Momma' That's our alternative title for today's radio broadcast.

* Pastor Mark McClellan of The Harvest: a fabulous pastor from Thornton Colorado called in to encourage the audience to get on board serving the Lord in the personhood wing of the pro-life movement!

* Jill Stanek is Taking a Poll on Personhood: On her very popular blog, Jill Stanek is taking the temperature of the pro-life movement, and so far, we're not quite at 98.6, but we're doing pretty well, and personhood is coming on strong! Praise God!

* $20,200 of 25,000: Thanks to our awesome BEL audience, even though Bob spent almost all of February fundraising and working on vital personhood projects instead of promoting our own BEL Telethon, you guys have given $20,200 of our BEL Telethon Goal of $25,000! Wow! Thank you! This goes toward keeping BEL broadcasting for another year on the 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT. The shortfall of course will be difficult to manage into our budget. Last year was an extraordinary year of growth and accomplishment for BEL, and if you remember, we far exceeded our broadcast telethon goal. Please pray for us as we go through 2008 that we can find ways to be even more frugal than we've been, or that we become more successful at telling folks about the powerful and entertaining resources on our KGOV store