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* Co-Hosts Enyart & Williams: Bob Enyart and creation speaker and engineer Fred Williams discuss articles from's March - May 2008 Creation magazine. Fred is also the webmaster for the esteemed Creation Research Society.

* Letter from a Christian Citizen: Doug Wilson tells Creation magazine that the "philosopher David Hume (himself a skeptic) showed, several centuries ago, that there is no real way to get from 'is' to 'ought.' How do I get from a description of the way things are ... to the way they ought to be? ... Should a human mother care for her children... or eat them like some spiders do? Science doesn't give us ethical information."

To this American Right To Life would add, from their article, Einstein In His Own Words:

"In 1936 Einstein famously wrote, 'the most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible,' and in 1944, remarking about Russell, he described the ability to get from matter to ideas as a 'gulf-logically unbridgeable,' which some scientists and linguists refer to as Einstein's Gulf, and in 1950, Einstein wrote that 'science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be,' necessarily excluding from its domain 'value judgments of all kinds.'"

Creation magazine then observes the irony that "atheists... actually build their worldview by making illegitimate extrapolations from science." See also and again,

* The Fish Wars: Atheists and evolutionists widely desecrate the Christian fish symbol by putting legs on it to symbolize evolution. Dr. Thomas Lessl of the University of Georgia researched the motivations and was told, "I did it to annoy the Christian right wing, since they are fond of putting the fish/Christ symbols on their cars..." and "Creationists are [expletive]... Humans are no better than chickens [BE: How does he know, has he tasted them?]... earthworms... algae or infectious salmonella..." [BE: Britain’s Prince Philip of the Worldwide Fund for Nature even wishes to be an infectious germ, saying that he would like to be reincarnated as a "killer virus to lower human population levels." Prince HIVlip, perhaps?] Dr. Lessl commented, "By inserting Darwin's name in the place of the fish icon usually reserved for Christ, the icthus symbol is ritually profaned."

Christians of course have responded with a larger Jesus fish eating the Darwin fish. And BEL adds to the mix an alien fish standing on end bearing Dawkins' name to illustrate the atheist's claim in the documentary Expelled that microbiology may provide evidence that life on earth may be the result of intelligent design from somewhere out there in the universe! Richard Dawkins added that such an alien species would most likely have evolved by some Darwinian mechanism. He seemed unaware, as atheists tend to be, that this claim merely punts the issue of origins, since the origin of life on another planet would face the same dilemma as life arising on earth. Yet atheists commonly put hope in aliens with no logical defense of their blind faith.

Richard Dawkins: "Well, [the origin of life on earth] could have come about in this way: The evidence may show, as we look at the complexity, as we look at the genetic mechanisms, that might be evidence that a long time ago, far far away in another galaxy, that there was a civilization that evolved by Darwinian means. And that civilization designed life and seeded it on our earth."

* Kangaroo and Wombat Pouches: Some very different animals have a pouch to carry their young. Evolution predicts these have a common ancestor, but interestingly, while the kangaroo's pouch is in her front, so little Joey doesn't fly out as she pounces ahead, the wombat and marsupial mole have a pouch in back to prevent them being filled with dirt while burrowing.

* Geological Time Ever Quickening: RSR has reported on geological features that many atheistic geologists no longer claim took millions of years to form, such as the Heart Mountain Detachment (took a couple of hours!), the Scablands (cataclysmic flooding), the Yellowstone strata containing petrified trees (trees lack root systems, and so do not represent successive forests growing there, but were deposited from a flood), Carlsbad Cavern formations (official narrative says age depends on the amount of water available), etc. Now, add the Lihir gold deposit in Papua New Guinea, which countless evolutionists always assumed took millions of years to form, but which geologists now have evidence could have formed in years, or even just in hours, as the guys discuss on today's Real Science Radio program!

Post-show Note: The Ames Iowa Paper Prints Bob's Letter... The hometown newspaper of Intelligent Design author Dr. Guillermo Gonzales, printed the following:

Validating the Argument

To the Editor

Regarding The Tribune's "'Expelled' film draws applause at ISU," I saw the film 15 times this weekend in Denver (OK, I need to get a life, but we did so as part of a movie marathon: Expelled? Go to the Movies...).

Zach Nereim, with ISU's Atheist and Agnostic Society, references the widespread claim that somehow Richard Dawkins was misrepresented by editing or tricked about the topic of discussion.

Dawkins is engaged in the discussion with Ben Stein; he admits that the complexity observed by microbiology could be evidence that life on earth originated from a higher intelligence, somewhere out there in the universe.

Of course, he claims that such a higher lifeform must have evolved by some kind of Darwinian mechanism. But if genetic and cellular complexity provides evidence that life on earth is too complex to arise by chance, then evolutionists like Dawkins and Francis Crick are just punting to claim it must have originated somewhere else.

Dawkins validates the intelligent design argument. The film is powerful.

Bob Enyart
Arvada, Colorado

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