7 News Tonight, Fox 31 Tomorrow

* Bob Enyart is scheduled to appear:
Tonight on ABC's 7News about the atheist billboards going up in Denver. In the interview, Bob added, verbally and in a Photoshop image, the words, "signed -God" to the billboard's text, "Don't believe in God? You are not alone." Signed, "-God!" Reposition the opposition when possible.
Tomorrow on Fox 31 around 9:45 a.m. with Dan Caplis' Denver radio co-host Craig Silverman.

* BEL Applies for Government Bailout: Using this USTreas.gov online form, Bob Enyart Live filled out the two-page application and requested a $1.8 billion bail out. Bob goes through the questions on the application and fills them out on air!

* Republicans Find Out Fed Operates in Secret: Newsflash to House Republican leader John Boehner, the Federal Reserve has always operated behind closed doors, and has never submitted to a public audit.

* Detroit City Council Requests $10-billion Bailout: Bush stumped.  The Detroit City Council passed a resolution today calling for a $10-billion bailout for the city of Detroit to use the money to place a moratorium on home foreclosures for two years. ! This is right out of John McCain's campaign playbook! And this just in: Obama is pushing for another $50 billion for the planet-killing automobile industry, causing Algore to feign a heart attack. Well, actually, he just turned down Obama's offer to turn him into an auto czar, which is like a mini plug-in computerized legislator. And George W. Bush took a principled stand against socialism and for the free market, asking Obama where he gets off requesting $50 billion in a socialist bailout when Bush and other replicons just finished dishing out $25 billion?

Today's Resource: Free: Bob Enyart debates Neal Boortz on a national sales tax.  Not Free: Two phone calls: The first from Amy, an unwed mother, living with her boyfriend. She is so offended by Bob's rebuke, that the call ends with her foul-mouthed cursing. Months later, another Amy calls... or is it the same one...? Very compelling TV. Get Amy's Call now and watch this program from the BEL Televised Classics archives!