RSR: Insects have No Souls

* Neanderthals, Bioluminescence, Stars, Bugs, & Pistol Shrimp: Fred Williams co-hosts Real Science Radio with Bob Enyart presenting science facts out of the great issue of Creation magazine published in March of 2008. Neanderthals were Homo sapiens, that is, they were fully human, and they made jewelry, spoke, buried their dead, etc. [2012 Update: And falsifying a long-standing prediction of evolutionists that Neanderthals were some other species that descended from some ape-like ancestor, it turns out that they are closer genetically to humans than two chimps are to one another!]
- School murderers from Finland, etc. say they are motivated by Darwin's natural selection
- Elephants communicate long-distance through underground seismic sound waves
- Many astronomy discoveries, like the most massive stars ever found, show the errors in star evolution ideas
- Big Bang cosmologists admit they don't even know whether stars or galaxies came first showing their true lack of understanding of the formation of the universe; also, quantum red shift data implies that the Milky Way galaxy has a central position in the universe
- The mantis (pistol) shrimp, also referred to as a snapping shrimp, possesses an amazing function to obtain food, it creates a cavity bubble underwater which collapses with such force that it produces a cracking sound of about 200 decibels (louder than a jet engine), a tiny flash of light, and enough heat (hotter than the sun) and shock to stun or even kill its prey such as worms and goby fish.

* More Science Bits: 1,000 world-wide water gaps formed by the global flood!
- Insects lack souls, hence, cannot be aware of pain
- Archaeologists uncover inscription corroborating the historicity of a minor character named by Jeremiah, Nebo-Sarsekim
- Archaeologists confirm the Bible's account of Jericho destroyed without its storehouses being emptied
- Holy cow: evolutionists think that horses are more closely related to bats than to cows, and that according to the peer-reviewed paper in the Proceedings of the Nat'l Academy of Sciences as explained in plain English by New Scientist
- 125-foot long dinosaur buried rapidly, along with fish, turtles, crocodile-like reptiles, etc. deposited by massive floodwaters!

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* Post-Show Update -- See this Display of Bioluminescence in the Sea:

* Bioluminescence from RSR Teenage Friend in San Diego: (and notice Venus in the sky)

Bioluminescence N McBurney for RSR


Bioluminescence N McBurney for RSR


Bioluminescence N McBurney for RSR


Bioluminescence N McBurney for RSR

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