Evangelist on BEL re Rick Warren

* The Internet's Leading Evangelist: Bill Keller launched LivePrayer.com in the 1990s in the same year that Bob Enyart launched KGOV.com. Seven hundred retired pastors respond personally to the tens of thousands of daily prayer requests sent to LivePrayer.com and more than two million people subscribe to Pastor Keller's daily devotional! Bob and Pastor Keller discuss the problem of compromised Christian leaders like Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven Life.

* The Rick Warren/Obama Connection: Bill and Bob discuss how Rick Warren must see his purpose as giving Barack Obama a false sense of security, as the President-Elect heads to hell with Warren's blessings.

* Years Ago Christian Leaders:
- supported laws that legitimized sex only within marriage
- then they agreed with the decriminalization of pornography (as free speech)
- then they agreed with the decriminalization of fornication (shacking up, etc.)
- then they agreed with the decriminalization of adultery (with another man's wife)
- then they agreed with the decriminalization of homosexuality
- then they agreed with homosexual adoption of children
- then George Bush and the false conservatives advocated civil unions
- then John McCain (with Barack Obama) voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment
- and now as regards legislation Christian leaders only oppose homosexual marriage. That's it.
Just a few short years ago in Lawrence v. Texas, many Christian groups and Focus on the Family lobbied against legalized homosexuality yet these groups now oppose the re-criminalization of homosexuality and have therefore sided with Hillary, Hollywood, humanists and the homosexuals themselves against Jesus, Moses, Paul and 3,500 years of Judaeo-Christian legal principle. W e at Bob Enyart Live expect that soon, Christian leaders continuing this moral relativism will compromise also on "gay marriage" also and will hold out only with opposition to homosexual dental care!
(For documentation of this moral slide among Christian leaders see BEL's groundbreaking DVD Focus on the Strategy!)


Post-show Notes: Have you seen Bob's Entropy and evolution debate? Bob debated a trained evolutionist about an article from the American Journal of Physics, and the author of that article, Daniel F. Styer, has joined the debate! If you like science, and have interest in the creation/evolution debate, check out this debate!

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