Darwinist Wildlife Officials Fish Blunder

* Darwinist Wildlife Officials Blunder with Fish: Real Science Radio reports on the wildlife officials that created an ecological catastrophe by following Darwinist advice. These officials instructed the fishing industry that it could only 'keep' the larger fish caught, and would have to release smaller fish. By removing information from existing fish genomes (which is a leading creationist mechanism for descent with modification), this unwise strategy severely altered the genetic pool of various species, including cod, removing the genes needed for growing large fish. As a result the average length of some species have shrunk by a third, and even after a 15-year moratorium, the larger fish have not returned. For all the natural selection hype, it is sad that Darwinist governments have blown what would have been a major application of true selection principles. Update: The hysterical warmlist claims that global warming is responsible for smaller fish (and for bigger fish too, of course). Yet it's Darwinist policy that shrunk the fish and not any imagined climate crisis.

* RSR Astronomy Segment on Star Formation: On today's astronomy radio segment, Bob Enyart and co-host Fred Williams briefly mention problems with star formation. For our RSR Lists on these, see:
- rsr.org/list-of-star-formation-problems
- rsr.org/list-of-solar-system-formation-problems
- rsr.org/list-of-galaxy-formation-problems.

* Famous Dobson Oath Now Negotiable: Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family is set to violate his oath taken before God, in which he famously pledged: "for the rest of my life, however long God lets me live on this earth, I will never cast one vote for any man or woman who would kill one innocent baby." After invoking God in that oath, Dobson now says he might endorse John McCain, a politician who advocates killing innocent babies. Invite others to hear this online at kgov.com/dr-james-dobson-set-to-violate-his-pledge-to-God.

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* Sheets Arriving from a Dozens States! [Update: See the outcome of this secret project at AmericanRTL.org/worlds-largest-protest-sign.] Help with ARTL's Sheets of Shame! Can you get seven sheets and send them to Denver for a major prolife project! Please help American RTL welcome the DNC to Denver this summer! They need 100 people to send them seven sheets each for a top secret project called the Sheets of Shame! Can you send any sheets? If you can't send seven, can you send one or two? Can you go to a second hand store? Can you call a hotel, hospital, nursing home, motel, jail, or ask some friends? To do a proper greeting, here's what...

ARTL's DNC Welcoming Committee needs:
- What: Sheets and more sheets
- Quantity: 700 sheets (can you send seven, more or less?)
- Color: white or light colored
- Style: flat, preferably; but fitted sheets ok
- Size: queen, preferably; but others ok, especially king
- Info: Office@AmericanRTL.org or 1-888-888-ARTL
- When: please ship your sheets to arrive by Aug 2
Please bring or mail your sheets to:
American RTL
1535 Grant St #303
Denver CO 80203

ARTL's worlds-largest protest sign: DNC - Destroys Unborn Children
Shown to scale! AmericanRTL.org/worlds-largest-protest-sign.

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