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* Illinois BEL Listener on NIU Murders: Hi Bob! The NIU shootings happened about 20 miles from where I live, and strangely enough, I was actually in Dekalb, IL when it occurred, although I didn't realize till hours later, when I saw it on Fox News, what the ambulance flying by me was for. It was revealed earlier that the shooter was one of these typical "gone off his meds" killers, whose live-in girlfriend claims was only a bit more irritable, not violent after going off his meds.  There was no note of explanation, only a book mailed by him to his girlfriend, on the day of the murders by Freidrich Nietzsche called "The Antichrist." Known for his words "God is dead", and his hope for an anti-Christian morality, Nietzsche has "inspired" many killers.  Could this book itself be a letter of explanation? Just today, on WorldNetDaily, I saw a story that says the killer also studied Arabic, and Hamas.  Just a coincidence I'm sure. Illinois wants even stricter gun laws as a result of the murders.  Of course no Christian morals or Creationism in schools that teach you are accountable for your actions, and if you murder people, there is no easy way out, because if you commit murder-suicide, you will go to Hell.  Nah.  That wouldn't work.  Maybe banning guns and having one police officer for each American citizen would eliminate crime.  I also found out from an article in the Rockford Register Star, that there is one guy out of Sugar Grove, IL, who runs around the country after tragedies and plants crosses at these sites. He put up the extra crosses for the killers at Columbine, and he has again here too. Although he did put the killer's cross backwards, with a black ribbon, and no name. Thankfully the media has reported there being 5 crosses for the 5 murder victims, even though that guy actually put up 6. I was thinking about driving down there and seeing if I could make the 6th one disappear. [BE comment: David, please, please do!] Well, thanks Bob, for taking time to read this, just wondering what your take on all this is, and how it relates to the other school shootings in recent years. Sincerely, David S., Belvidere, IL

p.s. I would have really liked to call in on this subject, but unfortunately I am at work when your show is on.

* Chris C of Denver CO: gave to the telethon and wrote via snail mail, "I hope and pray that the BEL radio show stays on the air for as long as God sees fit, knowing that what it represents is nothing short of honorable. I am thankful for all the good that goes over these BEL airwaves that can penetrate through to people and reach those who also listen to worldly media."

* Leslie Hanks: The longtime V.P. of Colorado Right To Life, joined Bob in studio on today's show! Thanks Leslie!

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