Russell Johnson of Family Policy Institute Pt 2

* Focus on the Family Washington Affiliate: This program concludes Bob Enyart's two-part discussion with Russell Johnson of Focus on the Family's state affiliate Family Policy Institute of Washington. In Part 1, Mr. Johnson told Bob that he is not concerned that Dr. Dobson broke his pledge made while invoking God's name. And neither is he concerned that Focus continues to play video of that broken pledge in their Welcome Center. And neither is he concerned that John McCain authorizes funding to kill some unborn children. Bob presents the $10,000 Offer from American RTL to National if they can name a single pro-life justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. And then FPIW's Johnson denied that McCain said he would appoint judges similar to George W. Bush's appointees, even though McCain's official campaign website says that McCain, "strongly supported John Roberts and Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court and that is why he would seek men and women like them as his judicial appointees." And even though a 100% rating from National RTL almost certainly implies a pro-choice Republican, less than two years ago, National was giving McCain an abortion proponent's 75% rating. Yet to the end Russell argued that John McCain is 100% pro-life even in the face of McCain's decades' long support for killing unborn children.

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* McCain Lies to Christians, Kills Kids: Please see American Right To Life's powerful press release about Dr. Dobson violating his pledge made invoking God! John McCain funds the killing of countless children for example by voting to allocate monies on Oct. 27, 2005 for tax-funded surgical abortion if the baby's father is a criminal, that is, a rapist. See McCain's Yea vote to authorized funding for surgical abortion to kill an unborn child whose father is a criminal, "if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest." Also he votes millions to foreign and domestic abortion providers including Planned Parenthood and one week after Rudi Giuliani dropped out of the race, Republicans for Choice endorsed McCain.

Post-show note: The Rocky Mountain News has published a biased article against personhood in which Focus on the Family both supports and refuses to endorse Colorado's Amendment 48. "We think it's important to be consistent," said Carrie Gordon Earll, senior director of public policy at Focus on the Family Action. Colorado RTL's Leslie Hanks and Bob Enyart's comments appear in the first few posted.

* Cindy McCain with Katie Couric: Which of Cindy McCain's lies about abortion do you believe? See her answer Couric's questions on the CBS Evening News, and realize that the McCain's blatantly lie to Christians, and many pro-life leaders have a co-dependent relationship with fundamentally pro-choice politicians, being willfully deceived by a pro-abortion wolf in sheep's clothing.

* Word of the Day: Apologetics - Christian usage: defense of the divine origin of Christianity.

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