Weitz hit with PCS, Romney with ARTL

* Steve Curtis Hosts BEL: The president of American RTL Action, Steve Curtis, fills in for Bob who is greeting Mitt Romney at the pro-abortion candidate's campaign stop in Denver.

* Weitz with Permanent Collaborator Status
: The Collaborators Project hit Weitz with PCS Permanent Collaborator Status for building an abortion clinic in Denver Colorado, and for the first post-PCS event, you're invited to a Super Bowl Party Sunday at the home of a Weitz executive! Yes, its the first annual Collaborators Project Super Bowl block party! It's not necessary, but if you can, please RSVP to Will@CollaboratorsProject.com. Don't miss the kick off! Arrive at 11284 W Asbury Ave, Lakewood, Colorado at Gary Meggison's home by 4 p.m. We're getting enough RSVPs that we may party on two fronts, and have a second to-be-announced location!

* Romney's Denver Campaign Stop
: A GREAT idea by his campaign, to come to the backyard of American Right To Life Action so that pro-lifers who will not be knowingly lied to could meet Romney in person, give an ARTL Action press kit to the national media including Fox News Channel's Carl Cameron, display massive photos of aborted children, and huge signs that read "Mitt Funds Abortion," and a big banner of American Right To Life's logo, and boom chants of "Mitt is Pro-Abortion."

BEL Note
: Monday, listen to BEL for audio of Michael Reagan and Ann Coulter discussing ARTL's criticism of Romney and of Coulter's endorsement of pro-abortion Romney. Hear Ann repeat Mitt Romney's false assertion, that ART is a front group for another campaign, "Mike Huckabee's!" ha, which Coulter falsely stated as though it were researched fact.

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