Lunchbox at the Public School Zoo

* Florida Teacher has Boy Go in Lunchbox: Yes, it's true.

* Britain's War Against Baggies: Primed Minister Gordon Brown, the U.K. leader, has been duped by dirt worshippers into waging jihad against convenience after a completely false report that 1.1 million animals a year suffocate in plastic bags.

* Obama the Only Clueless Church Member: When Barak Obama's pastor, the Right Rev. Wrong of Chicago's Trinity United, preaches hate, absurdity, and racism, his huge congregation does not go silent with shock, but wild with applause. The reaction of the church shows that such statements were expected and welcome. And it turns out that Barak, one of the brightest men in the nation, attended this racist church for 20 years and was the only clueless member.

* Nate from Las Vegas and John in Denver: Bob gives some fatherly advice to a young man deciding whether to start competing with his own boss in a garage door company. And John talks to Bob about those who oppose the Iraq war because they hate George Bush more than they love the Iraqi people.

Post-show Note: See more great media coverage for Colorado's Personhood initiative on Denver's ABC affiliate, 7News! Also, the campaign's coordinator, Keith Mason, reported that another 1,100 signatures came in today! Please help get signatures or donate to the non-deductible Colorado RTL Issue Committee to help get Personhood on the ballot in November! Our deadline for 100,000 signatures is May 13th! We need your help!

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