Persecuted Indonesian Pastor on BEL

* Republican Court Forces Gay Marriage: Last week a court ruled to force the nation's largest state to implement homosexual marriage. It appears that all state and federal courts in America with a majority of Republican judges are aggressively hostile to Christian values. In the latest example, California family advocates correctly suspected that their state court, consisting of six Republicans and one Democrat, would issue a blatantly anti-Christian ruling. They did. The Republican court struck down their state's defense of marriage between one man and one woman. Attacking Christian morality, the Republican justices declared a fundamental "right" to homosexual marriage in this majority opinion written by chief justice Republican Ron George and joined by one Democrat and two other Republican justices. The state's Republican governor has now exposed his personal support for the homosexual agenda, which he had previously concealed to get support of Republican Christians, by urging Californians not to amend their constitution to protect marriage.

* A Christian in the Most Populous Muslim Country: Pastor John Siamwell, a minister of the Body of Christ in Indonesia, speaks with Bob Enyart through an interpreter about the Muslim persecution of Christians in his country. Pastor Siamwell ministered openly without persecution from 1980 to 1997. But then Muslims and the increasingly Islamic government began systematically harassing Christians, with much persecution and many churches burned down. Pastor Siamwell reiterates that Islam is not a peaceful nor tolerant religion, agreeing with the evidence from the Middle East, that no churches are allowed in Mecca, in Medina, nor in the entire nation of Saudi Arabia, showing Islam to be an intolerant religion. Please pray for Pastor Siamwell's family and their courageous evangelism in Indonesia.

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