Two Debates: Open Theism & Entropy

* Bob Enyart Debates an Evolutionist: Have you seen Bob's Entropy and evolution debate? Bob debated a trained evolutionist about an article from the American Journal of Physics, and the author of that article, Daniel F. Styer, has joined the debate! If you like science, and have interest in the creation/evolution debate, check out this debate!

When physics professor Styer started posting on commenting on Bob Enyart's debate, the site's resident physicist, known as ThePhy, wrote:

"Dan - fair warning. I think you have stepped in it now. One thing Reverend Enyart delights in is getting scientists with name recognition to respond to him." -ThePhy

To which the professor cheerfully and humbly replied: "Well I'm safe, then, because I have no name recognition!" -Dan Styer

To which ThePhy replied: "Perhaps before, but not now. Whether you like it or not, in authoring your seminal paper you have joined the ranks of a small cadre of very influential scientists in the Creationism - evolution debate. You paper is generating a lot of attention in many forums like this. It has passed out of your hands now."

To which Bob Enyart replied:

If you just want to read one post from the debate, Bob Enyart recommends this post complete with artwork commissioned by!

* The Future is Open Debate: Will, the Bob Enyart Live general manager, is in a debate at titled: Is the future is settled or open? Will states: If God is free, then the future is open. And his brilliant argument validates open theism by showing that God was free to create and that God remains free to create, and therefore, the future cannot be settled but must be open.

Post-show Notes:

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