Collaborators Project Plumber Refuses Job!

* Brianna Riggio Gets No Service: Ms. Riggio helps kill children at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Ft. Collins, Colorado. She called for plumbing service for her residence today and happened to tell Jim, the service provider, that she works for Planned Parenthood. Jim called Will of the Collaborators Project! He then told Brianna he would not do her job since she works for Planned Parenthood. Praise the Lord!

* URGENT NEED FOR MORE SHEETS! Please help with ARTL's Sheets of Shame! Can you get twenty sheets and send them to Denver for a major DNC prolife project! Please help American RTL! We need another 500 sheets, and your 20 (or more) can be an crucial part of this top secret project called the Sheets of Shame! Can you send any sheets? If you can't send twenty, can you send a few? Can you go to a second hand store? Can you make urgent phone calls to a hotel, hospital, nursing home, motel, jail, or ask some friends? Here's what's needed by August 19th (or as soon as you can get them to us):

ARTL's DNC Sheets of Shame needs:
- What: 500 more sheets!
- From you: Can you send twenty. more or less?
- Color: White or light colored
- Size: Queen, preferably; but others ok, especially king
- Style: Flat, preferably; but fitted kings or queens ok
- Info: or 1-888-888-ARTL
- When: Please drive or ship your sheets to arrive by Aug 19th
- Where: Please bring or mail your sheets to:
American RTL
1535 Grant St #303
Denver CO 80203

Jack Pot: If you locate a bonanza of 400 or more queen sheets, we'll come and pick them up anywhere in the country!

Sponsor: Can you be a $1,000 (or more) sponsor of the top secret Sheets of Shame? If so, please call 1-888-888-ARTL (2785)!

Supporter: You can click to donate to ARTL Action to help fund the $5,000 Sheets of Shame project!

Metro Team: if you're able to come out occasionally for an important project in the Denver area, please let Donna at CRTL know at 303 753-9394!

* Post-show Note: McDonalds Restaurants officially supported San Francisco's filthy, openly perverse, gay pride parade (photos show the full nudity, sexual gestures, etc., were openly displayed even in front of young children: gross photos abound). Please help Don Wildmon and the AFA BoycottMcDonalds!

* Seamstresses (and seamstress guys?) Needed: Phase II. American RTL's DNC Welcoming Committee has collected hundreds of sheets for their top secret Sheets of Shame project! Can you help ARTL sew these sheets? ARTL has the sewing machines and thread. They need volunteers, both experienced and inexperienced (some folks are assemblers who only move the fabric along). Only existing friends can apply for this job! (Remember, the sheets project is top secret! But as you begin to work with Denver's Right-To-Life community, you will become a known and trusted friend ready to help with the next such project, and around here, top secret projects come along rather frequently! : ) Please call 1-888-888-ARTL to sign up for a morning, afternoon, or evening 3-hour shift in Arvada Colorado.

* Quoting Focus on the Family on Homosexuality: "...neither Dr. Dobson nor Focus on the Family... have ever opposed equal rights for those in this lifestyle. ... Focus on the Family is not in the business of 'trying to convert homosexuals.' [Our] seminars are offered specifically for the benefit of men and women who have expressed a desire to leave the gay lifestyle...  in our view, marriage is not a 'constitutional right' on the same level as, say, the right to free speech or free exercise of religion. Marriage is a privilege which is conferred upon certain individuals..." Focus on the Family has concocted a perversion of the God-given right to life, marriage, and procreation. Of course I had the 'right' to marry Cheryl. No government in the history of the world could conjure any excuse to justly prevent an eligible man from marrying an eligible woman. Marriage is NOT a privilege, it is a God-given RIGHT! But Focus on the Family has sunk so far into moral relativism, that they now legitimize (declare legally valid) homosexuality, and must reinterpret marriage to find some excuse to argue against homosexual marriage. Focus is ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which shows that men are sinners for violating God's law, including Do not commit adultery, and that sex is only legally permissible within marriage (not for pornographers, homosexuals, fornicators, etc., all of which territory Focus on the Family has conceded to the wicked, now agreeing in principle that unmarried people have a 'right' to engage in sexual activity. We are in the Twilight Zone era of ministry, and Focus on the Family is leaving behind itself a vacuum of Christian leadership, which other groups like American Right To Life are filling.

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