ARTL in the News--Everywhere

* Brian Rohrbough spent an hour on air in Toledo Ohio on WPOS Christian radio presenting the personhood wing of the pro-life movement.

* Bob Enyart was on Denver's Good Day Colorado on Fox 31 this morning with a defense of biblical morality.

* Activist Eve Silver, former Komen medical analyst, has arranged for an American RTL official to interview soon on a Boston radio station.

* Major Wisconsin organization advertises ARTL in their mailing, with Milwaukee's Missionaries to the Preborn announcing, "Finally, a national pro-life political organization established upon principle and not pensions... We commend to you American Right To Life." PTL!

* Lakewood City Council members write to the neighborhood targeted by abortion protests and indicate that there is nothing they can do to stop the protests.

* US News & World Report pro-life strategy article, in its print magazine edition, has a caption under the ARTL president's photo that states, "Activist Brian Rohrbough argues that incremental restrictions only make abortion more palatable."

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