How Do You Answer the DNC's CEO?

* Rev. Wright in a Dress: The Democratic National Convention chief, the Right Rev. Leah Daughtry, holds to black liberation theology just like the pastor of the Trinity United Methodist church that Obama recently resigned from. And Rev. Daughtry "supports abortion, as does her father's church. 'God allows us to choose in the biggest matter whether to accept him in our lives. How then can we take away choice on other profound issues?' she said." Hear how our brightest audience in the country responded to this: Cathy from Yampa, Johnny from Compton California, Mike from Greeley, Mike from Pueblo (... Mike?), and Lana from Parker. Bottom line: if this absurd argument were valid, all crime would have to be legalized. "If you don't like slavery, don't own one." Etc.

* Round 3 of 7 in RTL vs. Schaffer: Colorado's Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer has publicly betrayed innocent life. After years of lip service calculated to get pro-life donations and votes while claiming to believe that life begins at fertilization, now that "pro-life" Schaffer has the opportunity to fight to put that principle into law, he has betrayed the unborn and publicly opposes Colorado's personhood Amendment 48. Politically naïve Schaffer thinks that we cannot advocate personhood in law until the courts are ready to uphold it. But of course, our godless courts will NEVER come around to acknowledging personhood while our own Christian and "pro-life" leaders are too foolish and timid to advocate that the law protect God-given right to life of the unborn. All pro-lifers should agree: this is just not the right time to elect Bob Schaffer.

Schaffer's speech, to a safe pro-life audience, on Roe v Wade Day, Jan. 22, 2000: "From the moment of conception, this being is alive. It is not dead. In fact, the more science knows about fetal development, the more science has confirmed that the beginning of any one human life, biologically speaking, begins at the union of his father's sperm and his mother's ovum, a process called 'conception.' ... we have failed to communicate to the nation, and... we have failed America in my judgment. We have not had the moral courage to stand up and say that the expense of ignoring the truth is death, misery, human degradation, and the loss of opportunity and dignity for millions of humans. ... What kind of society is it that... dismisses the silent screams of 1.2 million abortions performed this year as matters of privacy?"

Yes Bob, what kind of society? Where is your moral courage? Your secular humanist campaign manager Dick Wadhams has instilled you with fear that you might lose the election if you take a stand now for the personhood of the unborn. I'm glad Reagan didn't have that kind of fear. For all his legislative and judicial catastrophes, he was a leader, and a person who publically repented when he was wrong (he signed abortion into law in June of 1967 and later publicly apologized). But you spoke of courage? America's 'just wars' have been won by heroic soldiers who lost their lives fighting for right. You're afraid to advocate personhood because you don't want to risk losing an election. The last thing Colorado needs is another Republican without principled leadership and courage. You refrain from communicating this vital personhood truth to the nation. And the expense of ignoring this truth is death. But you're willing to pay that price to get yourself elected. It's not the right time to end slavery. It's not the right time to end the holocaust. It's not the right time to advocate personhood. So, let us understand. You're going to wait until the courts are pro- personhood, before sticking your neck out to advocate it? Well then, this is just not the right time to elect Bob Schaffer.

* Power in the Park: sponsored by American Right To Life during the 2008 DNC to expose the democrat-supported genocide of black babies. Please plan to come on out during the mornings of the DNC to the Martin Luther King Jr. Park right across from Planned Parenthood's brand new 52,000 mega-abortion facility in yet another minority neighborhood. Speakers include Jesse Lee Peterson, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Clennard Childress (, Matt Trewhella, Bob Enyart, Flip Benham of Operation Rescue, plus a dozen others!

American Right To Life is standing in the gap for unborn babies during the Democratic Nat'l Convention, August 24-27 with Power in the Park, daily from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Denver's Martin Luther King Jr. Park at 38th and Olive. Evening rallies begin at 6:30 p.m. at 10828 Huron St. in Northglenn.

The nation's most powerful speakers, Dr Alan Keyes, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Rev.Clenard Childress and Rev. Flip Benham will come together in Martin Luther King Jr. Park to expose the genocidal roots of Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party. As a result, one out of every two black babies is aborted, decimating the black population in America.

"Abortion ends more black lives than heart disease, cancer, accidents, AIDS, and violent crime combined. African Americans constitute little more than 12 percent of the population but have more than a third (37 percent) of abortions. That rate has held relatively constant, though in some regions the numbers are much starker; in Mississippi, black women receive some 72 percent of all abortions, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Nationwide, 512 out of every 1,000 black pregnancies end in an abortion. Revealingly enough, roughly 80 percent of Planned Parenthood's abortion centers are in or near minority communities." -Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism

Modern day trailblazers, Keith Mason, Kristi Burton and Cal Zastrow of Colorado for Equal Rights will bring us up to date on Amendment 48, the first of its kind in the country which will protect all people from the moment of fertilization.

Other pro life leaders joining us in Denver will be:
-Pastor Kevin Swanson, host of Generations Radio and President of Christian Home Educators of CO
-Pastor Geno Geraci, Calvary South & radio host of Crosswalk 94.7 FM
-Brian Rohrbough, president of American Right to Life -
-Pastor Joe Riccobono, president of Colorado Right to Life -
-Bishop Phillip H. Porter is the founder of All Nations Pentecostal Church of God in Christ in Aurora
-Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church and radio talk show host,
-Pastor Dale Sochia from New Orleans
-Will, the founder of the Collaborator's Project-
-Pastor Matt Trewhella of Missionaries to the Preborn-
-Steve Curtis, President of American Right to Life Action-     
-Jill Stanek, pro life nurse, hero, and blogger-
-Ron Brock, truth truck driver- 
-Ken and Jo Scott, directors of Pro Life Colorado

And Dr. Alveda King will be there also, speaking in the same park, but with another pro-life group. PRAISE THE LORD! And a possible latecomer, Star Parker of CURE, Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, has expressed an interest in coming to Power in the Park!

For hotel accommodations call: Motel 6, (303) 429-1550, 6 West 83rd Pl., Thornton Colorado, at I-25 at 84th Ave, Exit #219, and ask to reserve a room reserved in the name of Colorado RTL.

For more info, call Jo Scott
American RTL
303 550-8170 or

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* Post-show Note: McDonalds Restaurants officially supported San Francisco's filthy, openly perverse, gay pride parade (photos show the full nudity, sexual gestures, etc., were openly displayed even in front of young children: gross photos abound). Please help Don Wildmon and the AFA BoycottMcDonalds!

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