Jo Scott in Studio Reporting on Leaders Summit

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* Jo Scott Reports Back from Charlotte NC: Overwhelming support! That's the bottom line from Jo Scott's report of the personhood strategy presentation she gave to the 70 regional leaders gathered for a weekend summit hosted by Operation Rescue/OSA. Also, these Christian activists did not only meet and talk to themselves, they went to an abortion clinic on Saturday morning, and two children scheduled to be killed that day were saved, and three security guards quit!

* Bob Tells the Story of Arriving in Costa Mesa: as a young man, Bob Enyart traveled from New Jersey to California to study the Bible at Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel. He arrived with almost no money, and no job, but with a prayer and a plan, and then God blessed him abundantly...

* that domain name is getting the pro-life strategy point across to more and more Christians!

* Colorado's Personhood Amendment Effort: is going well but it needs YOUR HELP! Please if you can sign a petition, or get signatures yourself, or send in money to Colorado RTL to help get this historic personhood bill on the November ballot!

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