T-Minus 4 Days till Weitz Permanent Collaborators Status

* Protests against the Weitz construction firm: building Denver's abortion clinic have snowballed into a national effort. "The aggressive protests against the Weitz construction firm building Denver's new abortion clinic have snowballed into nationwide commitments from many organizations," said Will, founder of the Collaborators Project, "to conduct years of home protests against Weitz' clients and their executives. These long-term targeted residential protest commitments will trigger on Jan. 31st at midnight." According to the CollaboratorsProject.com website, the group imposed a deadline of January 31, 2008 on the billion-dollar Weitz company to stop building Denver's new abortion clinic or it will get hit with Permanent Collaborator Status (PCS). According to the organization's homepage, Weitz received that deadline letter last week, and now "Denver Post reporter Al Lewis informed us that Weitz has hired a law firm to deal with the severe protests."

Here is a partial list of supporting press releases including from national and state-wide pro-life groups, indicating that if Weitz is designated with Permanent Collaborator Status, hundreds of experienced anti-abortion protesters will be picketing Weitz clients homes and sites around the country for as many years as abortionists kill children in the clinic Weitz is building for that purpose.

WorldNetDaily: Jan. 31 Deadline for Weitz... Article on WND frontpage

Leading pro-life organization American Life League and its president Judie Brown urge Weitz to pull out by the Jan. 31 deadline

Operation Rescue/OSA, the world's most well-known abortion protest group to honor Permanent Collaborator Status against Weitz

Missionaries to the Preborn, a Planned Parenthood "Top 15 Enemies" to go after Weitz

Denver radio host on 50k-watt station warns Weitz that its foray into abortion politics will result in protest of Weitz' clients

Tentative: Feb 3 Super Bowl party at the Meggisons (a Denver Weitz exec's home)

Colorado's largest pro-life group, CRTL, commits to long-term protests against Weitz if firm hit with Perm. Collaborator Status

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