7 Reasons Why George Carlin Did Not Go To Hell

* The Foul-mouthed Comedian: The seven reasons why George Carlin, creator of the "Seven Dirty Words" routine, did not go to hell because:

Reason 1: he did more evil than good
Reason 2: because he didn't tithe
Reason 3: because he promoted abortion
Reason 4: because he had a filthy mouth
Reason 5: because he didn't keep the commandments
Reason 6: because he wasn't a Republican
Reason 7: because he didn't go to church

George Carlin went to hell because he despised the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who bled and died to pay for Carlin's sin and was resurrected to overcome death and give eternal life to those who humble themselves and trust in Him.

* Prepping Children for Filth: Disney, Pixar, and Thomas are all in the tank for those who want to prepare innocent children to accept filth as part of their normal conversation. That is why Pixar, in partnership with Disney, asked the author of the "Seven Dirty Words" routine, George Carlin, to perform the voice of a character in their animated Cars movie. Carlin also narrates Thomas the Tank Engine. Why? Because kids naturally fall in love with these characters, and when children grow to trust these voices, then, when the boy or girl is 13 and watching cable TV, and he or she sees a filthy George Carlin routine, hearing the voice they came to love, and they hear the perversion falling out of his mouth, because of Carlin's work for Disney, Pixar and Thomas, the child's guard is down.

Hit Entertainment produces kids programs like Bob the Builder, Barney, Rainbow Magic and Thomas the Tank Engine. They claim their "company values" means that, "HIT's trusted content is safe and wholesome, created with attention to detail and thoughful [sic, misspelled on their site for years] consideration to the hearts and minds of children everywhere." That is manifestly not true. If it were, Hit Entertainment would not distribute children's programming narrated by someone known for his foul mouth.

Far from accidental, selling children's entertainment produced by an icon of filth is designed to push the godless perversion of the UK's Hit Entertainment, Pixar, and Disney onto our unsuspecting families and their children.

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