Over Three Millions Teenage Girls Have STDS

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* If You Like to Study Theology and Apologetics: Feel free to visit TheologyOnline.com and check out Bob Enyart's A Christian Answer to the Euthyphro Dilemma from Socrates, a question which atheists argue refutes the claim that morality flows from God. Also, if you have a website or can post on a forum or blog, and link to our Euthyphro's Dillema thread, that would be great!

* Please Save Your Daughter from Public School: This tragic Associated Press report that 1 in 4 American teen girls has a sexually transmitted disease is in part a result of your public school being officially godless, of school administrators being child-sex advocates, of 20 years of public schools shying away from the use of even the term "marriage" as being "discriminatory," and thanks in large part to Hillary Clinton as an enabler, according to the story, many "teens define sex as only intercourse [even though] other types of intimate behavior including oral sex can spread some infections." Please save your daughter!

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