Real Science Radio Plant Dimmers

Functional equivalent of this dimmer incorporated in plant cells :)* Real Science Radio: co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart report on
- the sophisticated dimmer switches that God built into plants so they don't overheat while absorbing sunlight;
- the study showing that those who believe in God are happier than atheists;
- churchgoers in England fall from 50% of the population a few decades ago to 4% today, and creationism is the preferred treatment for societal godlessness;
- the United Methodist Church apologizes to victims of eugenics because this horrendous chapter in human history did not begin with Hitler but with Darwin's immediate family, and while fundamental churches fought again eugenics, liberal churches like the Methodists advocated this grave wickedness, and what the NAZIs did was simply develop public policy out of this Darwinian concept.

Those who believe in God are happier :)* Post-show Update: You can watch 7News in Denver quoting Bob Enyart on the atheist billboards going up around town. They say, "Don't believe in God? You're not alone." This ABC affiliate quoted Bob Enyart and briefly showed modified version of the billboard that Bob read which states: "Don't believe in God? You're not alone. Signed, -God!" Journalist Russell Haythorn also interviewed atheist Joel Guttormson. Hey, wait a minute. That name. We know that name. Guttormson. How many Guttormsons (sons of the Guttorms) can there be in Denver? Elders of Denver Bible Church launched one of the leading Christian websites,, and the webmaster of that site is our very own Eric Guttormson! So, I wonder if there is a relationship between Eric and Joey?  Hmm.

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